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FEG Trigger Not Resetting after Barrel Work

Hi Folks

I'm new to the forum but not new to BHPs. I'm looking for help troubleshooting a problem with my FEG.

I was having feeding problems with a round using Berry's 124g JHP. So I decide to remove the feedramp which went really well, I thougth.

While I was working on the barrel I put the original FED trigger spring back in because my Wolf spring was too light and did not have enough strength to reset the trigger. The width of the coil actually was binding in the trigger.

Finally, I polished the vertical trigger riser that rides along the back side of the barrel chamber and lifts the trigger bar that resides in the slide.

Good news, rounds chamber perfectly.

Bad news, now the trigger will not reset. I mean the original spring has enough tension to move the trigger back to is normal forward position. But when pulling the trigger the gun does not fire. Racking the slide ejects a round, loads a new round and the gun fires.

Any ideas what I could have done to cause this new problem?

Or is it a coincidence?

I'm not sure if the FEG has a firing pin block.

Also, the mag safety has been removed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Old 10-14-2017, 11:27 AM   #2
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I spent some time this morning to see what I could discovery.

As the slide goes backward if the trigger does not full reset the vertical bar will miss sear lever and actually sit in front of the lever, complete disengaged. I slight rack backwards, like 1/4" and the trigger move forward, dropping the vertical bar, the slight moves forward and the vertical bar now will rest underneight the sear lever.

I put a heavier spring in the trigger because the trigger would not return forward and I actually had to push it forward with my trigger finger to reset it. Now with the heavier spring, somehow the vertical bar is getting stuck in front of the sear lever.

Any thoughts?

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Without being able to actually examine the gun it's pretty much impossible to diagnose things like this.

I suggest taking it to a good gunsmith. You generally don't want to fool around with a gun that has a known trigger problem, even if you manage to get it working.
It has to work correctly 100% of the time.
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Turns out this is a common problem after removing the mag safety release. The trigger does not have the extra spring and the mag safety as a stop so there is not enough reset tension on the trigger spring to move it back to its starting position.

So, what would happen is the slide would rack back, the trigger would not fully reset and the vertical lever would not be able to drop down. If I pushed the trigger forward, I would hear and feel a click as the vertical lever would return to its correct position and the slide would move slightly forward.

The well documented solution is to make sure you have the heavy two coil trigger spring and bend the front portion over a mandrel to create more positive trigger tension.

Here are a couple links:



So, after slightly altering the trigger spring tension, the gun works flawlessly. And after removing the barrel feed ramp hump I can shoot Berry's 124g. Jacketed Hollow Points with no feed issues with either a FEG mag or aftermarket.

Thanks, BB
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And for many years gun writers have been assuring people that it's not an issue removing the Browning mag safety.

I wonder if any of them ever had this problem pop up?

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