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I hope someone can give me their best take on my dilemma.

I bought an FEG a couple years ago at a pawn shop for $185. Great gun, could shoot 2" groups at 25yds all day. Sloppy trigger, but who cares at that price. It served well as all 'round, carry, defense, 'vermint' killer, etc.

The end of this winter I took it to the shooting range to get a little plinking in. Accuracy has fallen to nil. At seven yards I now get a 14" group average. And about one in six shots will fly waaay out, always down and right. Sometimes about a foot off from the group at seven yards.

I also have an FM and took both guns with me swapping parts until I narrowed it down to the slide. (With FM slide, FEG frame, barrel, spring, pin it shoots normal.) Back to 3-4" at 25yds.

I took it to a smith and he said that the slide was loose and needs to be tightened. Cost about $150. He said it would loosen again eventually.

What's everybody's take? Worth fixing? Do I cut my losses. Could the smith be wrong?Since owning it I've put about 2500 rounds through it. I cleaned the heck out of it and retested, still shoots like crap. Don't know what the life is on the FEG's. I'd love to fix as I just "bonded" with it last year, and it practically became an extension of me when I'd use, but I don't know if it's practical.

Any help would be appreciated,

Bryan Nelson

P.S. The smith also knocked my FM, so I'm not so sure about the guy. I can go to Cylinder & Slide in Fremont (30 mi. away). But they would poo poo the gun too...
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Old 06-07-2002, 06:42 AM   #2
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...I can go to Cylinder & Slide in Fremont (30 mi. away). But they would poo poo the gun too...
I don't think so. Bill has worked on FEGs for some folks and even built a custom chopped mini HiPower on an FEG that was featured in a gun rag write-up recently.
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Okay thanks,

I'll try to give him a call next week.
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Well when you're there, say hello to the ol' mountain man throwback (Ralph G.) and his bro-in-law Chris.
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Check the crown for Jagged edges or Nicks.

281 277 4008
Old 06-09-2002, 02:03 AM   #6
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Ahmmm, I am not any kind of a 'smith, but I have never heard or read anything suggesting this kind of inaccuracy could be fixed by frame tightening. Ther may be something I'm not aware of here, but......
Old 06-12-2002, 08:36 PM   #7
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I have to agree with POO, slide to frame tightening shouldn't fix the problem your are describing. Also, I'm amazed that you got your FM slide on your FEG parts. I have both and the barrel is a really bad fit using the way you described. If you had good accuracy in your FEG and then suddenly it went bad, I would expect that there is some major problem, such as a cracked slide. But what your are describing it would have to be very noticeable. Slide to frame tightening is very hard in a Hi-power or clone. FEGs are surface hardened and don't take to slide fitting very well, as a matter of fact with all hi-powers...they can crack horizonally if too much pressure is applied. Some peening of the frame rails can help much and then refit, but....let us know what you find out.
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It'll cost too much to bother with in my opinion. I bought the gun for less than $200, registration and tax included. So investing $150 or more does not seem to be a prudent choice. I've got the FM anyway...

Official history:

Bought late summer of 2000.
Best 5 shot group at 25yds 3.73".
Cleaned, polished, pachmayr grips.
Best 5 shot group at 25yds 2.50".
Now the fun of running approx. 2500 rounds through. Tried UMC, Winchester, CCI Blazer, Corbon, PMC.

CCI FMJ was the most reliable, used that most of the time.

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