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Beavo, put me in Teddy's column. I own a bunch of High-Powers and it just doesn't make financial sense to put a lot of money in an Argentine or clone. You will not get your money back if you sell it; if you keep it forever it doesn't matter. If you have an Argentine or clone shoot it, enjoy it, and save the money you thought of putting into it. Regards, Richard
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I just picked up an Argy Hi-Power. The trigger is a bit heavy, but breaks like a glass rod w/no overtravel. I imagine taking out the magazine safety will improve (lighten) it some. Comes with a rowel hammer, too. The sighting plane on the top of the slide already has longitudinal serrations milled in it, and it has useable 3-dot sights.

True, the gun has some kind of paint job instead of blueing, but I'm a fan of Armor-Tuff, so it looks O.K. to me. If it runs on the fodder I'm going to feed it, I'll only need to have an ambi. safety put in and I'm good to go.
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Shoot the pistol a lot but don't sink any money into it. Use it for plinking, car gun, or self defense. When it is all said and done the FMs aren't the eqivalent of Belguim/Portugese High-Powers. Best and regards, Richard
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High Power Front Sights

Hello Everyone,

I have a 1939 FN Browning High Power with Waffenstamps, but no front sight.

What kind of front sight do I need?

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You'll need the old original type rounded sight with the tenon on the bottom.

Gun Parts Corp has a picture of the type sight but does NOT have any sights for sale:

Front Sight Gun Parts | 474740 | Numrich Gun Parts

Here's some places to inquire if they might have one.
Make sure you're very clear that you need an early sight or they'll send you a later version.
You'll have to call or email for actual availability.

If you just can't find a sight, any gunsmith worth the name could hand make one.

Jack First Gunshop - First in Gun Parts - Rapid City, South Dakota
They have older types listed.

Lee's Gun Parts


Sarco, Inc. - The Largest Gun Shop in Easton

Also watch Ebay and the gun auction sites like

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