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Value of a WWII Colt....

Guys, I'm looking at a Union Switch/Signal(but arsenal
refinished) WWII .45 that is in approxiamately 85%.
What would one expect to pay for this ride....?
Thanks in advance!

Edited to correct my wishful thinking.......This is not
a rare collectors piece, just a nice WWII .45. The
owner couldn't remember who the manufacturer was,
an as I ran down the names of builders, he said it was
a Singer, he thought. I had completely forgotten that
the Singers were the rare ones, and din't even give it
any thought. I'm paying $750 for it, regardless, 'cause
it's good memorabilia.
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Singer 1911-A1's are the most rare variant of the military 1911-A1's and there are a lot of fakes out there. The arsenal refinish does diminish the value, but if it is still all military and not re-worked or built up from parts by someone, it is still worth quite a lot. An all original Singer can fetch over $20,000 in excellent condition. I would consult with a 1911 expert collector before laying down the cash for a Singer. It is usually recommende that the gun be X-rayed to make sure the markings are original.
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Amen to that!
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An all original, blued US&S 1911-A1 in 85% condition should bring around $600. Since this one has been refinished, it would bring less.

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