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magazines for 1911's

What is the vote on best magazines for my Colt's. Are original Colts worth the hassle of finding them? I have a couple of old Devel's I like, some original Colt, and a Shooting Star. I was thinking of trying the 8 round Chip McCormicks.
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Old 10-05-2003, 11:28 AM   #2
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I cast my vote for anything Chip McCormick makes.

I use his Power Mags and also Shooting Stars... and they are the best I have found.

They "run" in Springfields, Kimbers, and every platform I have used them in.
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I also like the CMC mags. I have also had good luck with some mil-spec surplus mags I got from Midway for $4.95 a piece.
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The ones that passed your own test - in all your 1911s

Mostly I've poured the failures full of lead painted some of them red and used them for training, juggling and dryfiring. My own feeling for 8 round is that like the .243/6mm on deer - use them long enough and they'll do a little less than you'd expected when you least expect it.

Then again I'd like to think my loaded magazines will function perfectly in my team mate's gun and hope my gun works with stray magazines and odd bullets.
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Excellent analogy! May I quote you? (With credit given, of course)

I don't give up on a magazine until the fat lady sings. If it's not
beat up, I check the width and set it to .530-535 with one round
in it. I don't squeeze them to that dimension, but rather lay them
flat on a hard surface and bump them with a 4-ounce hammer
with a dummy round in them. Shocking the tempered steel
works better than squeezing them for me.

If the dimensions are good, a Wolff +5% extra-power spring
and tweaking the follower angle usually straightens'em out.
Any 8-rounders with the Devel split follower that I aquire
immediately get a Metalform 7-round follower and a Wolff spring.
99% success rate on problem magazines....and the ones that are
stubborn often work well in specific pistols, and become that gun's
property after testing.


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