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COLT Perfection! New Colt range report.

Well a couple of weeks ago I managed to pick up a brand new 1991 NRM Government in absolutely pristine condition for a meager $549.

This particular Colt is a perfect specimen and a detailed strip revealed that it was just as good on the inside as the outside. Not a scratch anywhere.

So I finally got to trott of to the range and really test its metal.


Absolutely flawless.

I took 400 rounds of Winchester White Box with me and a selection of Fed Hydra Shoks, Speer Gold Dots, Rem Golden Sabers, and Win Ranger 'T-series'.

It feed and extracted each and every one of the 480 rounds perfectly with Colt factory 7 round mags. I had two brand new Wilson 47Ds that I had never loaded until the range outing that had exactly two failures with each magazine. They left the slide locked back with the last round sitting on top of the mag. Reading Wilson's instructions that came with the mags they suggested loading the mags for a couple of days before use. So a mag issue for sure. I will try them again now they have been loaded for awhile.

I managed a standing 15 yards group of 7 rounds that would fit in the circle made by your index finger and thumb. From the bench I managed two more groups at 15 yards that were less than 1 inch.

So there it is. A cosmetically flawless Colt that is an equally flawless performer.

Here are the targets.

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Mirrors my experience with my NRM 1991A1.
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It is nice to hear that Colt is staying consistent. Myself and several friends are also very happy with the newer Colts. Alot of forum members are experiencing the same. Good luck. Wish your pictures worked. :-?
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NRM Government

Hate to be the downer here, but I had one with a beautiful finish and tight fit (for a Colt) and couldn't hit a thing with it. I first thought it was me, but whenever I would shoot a 1991 or a Commander I was dead on. So as an experiment, I let the best shot I know shoot the thing, and he gave it back to me after one mag saying he was disgusted. Nothing against Colt, but that one shouldn't have left the factory.
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I bought a Commander version about 16 months ago, it has grown on me from day one. Mine is very accurate, last time at the range, I shot a fat quarter with three mags @ 15 yds. I have gotten so I am more accurate with this than my old series 70 that has been accurized, and shoot the Series 70 less and less.

For a carry gun it is flawless, the only jams I have ever had are bad ammo, and this has been about 3 rounds in 1000+ rounds.
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That's good to hear as I just ordered a Commander yesterday to be used as a carry gun. Like I said, I have nothing against Colt. As a matter of fact, the best pistols I've ever had were Colt, but also some of the most disappointing pistols I've ever had were Colt. But, I still love em anyways. By the way, that's outstanding accuracy for a Commander! :lol:
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Actually the accuracy I am getting out of this Commander suprises me, I have a total of four commanders and only my NRM shoots this well. Maybe I got lucky on this one, but I like it a lot.

I did fiddle with mine a bit, changing out the grips to Craig Spegels, and Wilson Combat drop in grip safety (not quite) but nothing to help accuracy.

A hint when shooting " line up the white dots horizontally and ignore the traditional sight pattern" it makes a big difference for my tired old eyes.

Yes it does seem when Colt makes a dog it not only barks it howls at the moon, but of my last 2 new Colt purchases both have been very good, and I nit pick and inspect them throughly before I ever fire a round. It's good to see Colt making quality guns again.
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Nothin' but love from mine.... 8)

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