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Old 07-14-2004, 06:50 PM   #1
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Slide Lock popped out of my Ser. 80

I had a weird experience today. Shooting a PPC course, happens on the last shot fortunately.
My slide lock came out of the frame and landed about 5 feet away!
I guess I managed to hit the nub on the far side of the frame at just the right time. I will take it to a smith when I get a chance but anybody got any ideas?

Pistol is a mostly stock Series 80 Gold Cup Nat'l Match, .45. The slide lock is a aftermarket Pachymayer. Pistol has had some polishing, feedramp, etc.

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Old 07-15-2004, 05:17 AM   #2
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Popped the Stop

Howdy carpfisher,

Cardinal Rule for parts swappin'...

If a problem started after the part was installed, the part is probably the problem.

Aside from that, the cause could be that the stop is out of spec at the top, and will push past the slide and escape...Install it and push hard on the end of the pin to see if it will come out with the slide in battery.

Possible that you nudged it at the right time...just when the takedown notch was aligned with the lug.

Another possibility is that the lower lug isn't square where the pin bears on it in lockup, and the side load worked it toward the left. It lined up with the
taledown notch and got loose.

When it flew out, it was stickin' out a ways, and you didn't notice it. As it
worked farther and farther to the left, it finally got to the rounded end, and got squirted out. I've seen it happen once...and the gun hasn't done it since. One of those "Defecation Events" that we hear so much about.


Old 07-22-2004, 09:22 AM   #3
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That part has been in the gun for 1000's of rounds. I recently learned of Marianne Carniak here in MI. I am going to contact her and have her go over the gun. It has a lot of rounds thru it and probably could use a tuneup.
Amen on the defication. Always seems to hapen when the clock is running and the shots count!
Old 07-29-2004, 12:40 PM   #4
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I took the gun to Marianne Carniak yesterday. What a great person. She worked on the gun immediately and we had a great conversation while she worked. I was out the door in under an hour including a detail striping and clean. I am alot smarted about how the guns works now than when I walked in the door.
We replaced the Slide lock as it was visibly worn. She also did a complete teardown and looked at the rest of the gun. She found a few things and fixed them also. I highly reccomend her shop in MI.

Old 08-06-2004, 11:16 AM   #5
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Well, I finally got a chance to fire the gun after the trip to the Accurizer Team shop. I made it almos all the way thru the PPC League when Defication started happening again. The slide lock didn't pop free like last time but it did come loose twice in about 100 rds. Back to Marianne's shop, I guess!

Old 09-16-2004, 09:51 AM   #6
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Plunger pin wore down? How about the spring, is it weak?
I would think putting a new plunger in on that side would help, and add an extra power plunger spring too.

Of course, could notch the slide stop a little so it would "grab" the plunger better. Might make it a little harder for it slip out under recoil.

Of course, I am just a "amateur" and have made do for years without a "smith". There are no gunsmiths around here locally.
Old 09-16-2004, 10:39 AM   #7
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I'm not quite sure what could be the cause of this problem. There is only one place during the slide's movement where the slide stop should be able to come out of the frame and that's when the takedown notch in the slide is lined up with the lug on the slide stop. It shouldn't be able to come out of the frame when the slide is all the way to the rear. The slide stop has been replaced so that most likely eliminates it from being the problem.

If you move the slide slowly to the rear and put pressure on the end of the slide stop pin (on the right side of the frame), is it possible to push the slide stop out of the frame anywhere except where the take down notch in the slide is aligned with the slide stop?
Old 09-17-2004, 03:41 AM   #8
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The only place along the slide travel where the lock could be removed is in the usual position. After we repleaced the obviously worn slide lock with a new Wilson, I continued to have the problem. So back to the shop. Marianne called an old friend or her Dad's and he suggested that we Dremel in a small divit to allow give the plunger something rest in and provide some resistance. That has apparently solved the problem. I shot an IDPA match, a PPC and a few hundred practice rounds without further issue.
While the problem has appaarently gone away, I still don't understand stand the physics of the failure that allowed or forced the slide lock out in the first place. My grip and presentation are clean. I wasn't resting my finger of the "button" of the slide like on the right side or anything like that. In one instance the lock came partially out during a Weak (left) hand unsupported stage. There should not be any force that directed that thing to pop out. Must be a gravity pocket or crop circle or something extraterrestrial!
Thanks to everyone for the interest!


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