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Officer's Model Recoil System

I've heard comments that the Officer's Model "version" of a recoil system is a problem looking for a place to happen.

I asked a couple gunsmiths and neither could remember having even one Officer's Model in their shop for that type repairs over the past couple decades.

Does this design represent a potential problem for a carry gun or is it just another excuse to rebuild a 1911????????

I have a mint Enhanced Officer's model that I'm planning on using as a daily carry piece... and would like to hear some feedback.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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I never saw one either, but several other 'smiths told me they DID see a few.

From the sound of it on the internet, the ground at the shooting ranges should be ankle deep in broken Officer's Model recoil spring plugs.

I suppose it would be another "possible" problem you could eliminate by using a reverse bushing.

A few years ago, Brownell's was selling a replacement standard-type Officer's recoil spring plug, with a beefed-up lug that was a drop in.
I "think" it was made by Clark.
This was NOT a reverse plug, it looked and worked like the Colt factory version, just with a heavier lug.

I always thought that was the way to go since I never liked making major design changes to the 1911.

I'd suggest contacting Brownell's to see if they still carry the plug, or know who made it.
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It happened to me, way back in the day, before I was so knowledgeable
about guns :roll: was with a friends' gun... !
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From the sound of it on the internet, the ground at the shooting ranges should be ankle deep in broken Officer's Model recoil spring plugs.
That's just what I mean!!!

If it's a matter of upgrading by using a drop in part... then I'd clearly be interested..If there was a justified need.

But if "the fix" requires cutting up and refinishing a brand new's going to require more information than I've gathered thus far.
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Colt OM factory recoil spring plug.

I had to replace mine. I used the King reverse plug. There wasn't a lot of choices available at that time. If you are considering the OM as a personal carry option, I would replace the factory plug.

Old 02-25-2005, 06:31 AM   #6
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Please explain "had to"

Did it break blow out or what?????
Old 02-27-2005, 05:00 AM   #7
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For heavy use I would recommend changing the factory part. The small retaining tab has a large amount of stress applied to its front face contact point. Its sitting on a hollow tube, thats where they crack/break. Not a good design imho. To replace with a reverse plug all that is needed is to measure the width of the retaining flange on the new plug,remove that same amount of metal from the rear of the slides plug housing and your good to go. And yes I had broken the stock plug on mine.
Old 02-27-2005, 05:46 AM   #8
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That doesn't sound too drastic. If it will prevent a potential stopage and make the pistol easier to take down. (with the stock system it's one Hell of a job)

If I understand you correctly--- the only alteration that needs to be made is on the inside the slide (opening up the space for the bushing lug)... so there would be no refinishing and I'd end up with a standard bushing set-up like my other 1911s..

Is that right???
Old 02-27-2005, 09:34 AM   #9
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If I understand what your sayind then no. You remove metal from the rear of the area of the slide where the notch is. You are actually removing metal from the entire semi-circular portion of the housing. Not just the rectangular cutout. On the reverse plug system the plug uses the entire rear "horsehoe" shape flange as the bearing surface instead of the small square plug.
Old 02-27-2005, 10:18 AM   #10
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I understand.

It sounds like a gunsmith task to me rather that a DIY dremel job.

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