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Colt 380 government is is firing full auto?

So a friend had this Colt 380 government that she said wouldn't work. So I said I'd see what I could find. When I field stripped it I noticed the trigger was broke where it get held in place by the pin. So found a replacement from when I was installing it i broke the disconnect. so got a replacement and put it in, and went to test it. When I put a full mag in and chambered the first round, pulled the trigger and to my surprise, it was full auto. So I can't return it to the lady in this condition. could anybody help me? Could it be something easy that I did while reassembling it. or is it something that i should have a gunsmith fix. And I don't have any local. so yeah. any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Sounds like you got the disconnect installed incorrectly.

If it comes down to it, you can return the gun to Colt and have the factory repair it correctly.

Not to dump on you for trying to help someone out, but a trigger assembly is not something to get into unless you absolutely know what you're doing.
Before thinking it's been corrected and having it go full auto on her and possibly getting someone killed, I'd at least take it to a gunsmith.

This is one of those cases of "No good deed goes unpunished".
Now that you're into it, you're pretty much obligated to get it repaired.
The possible best option is to tell her you just can't fix it (which is the truth) and help her get it shipped back to Colt.
Directions on how to get it back to Colt is on their web site.
The "bummer" is that you have to ship the gun via UPS or Fed-Ex and they demand that pistols be shipped the fastest way, which can be really expensive.

DO NOT ship it through the US Mail. That's a Federal Crime. ONLY a FFL Dealer can do that.
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