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Unhappy Problem with Mustang xsp

First let me say that is not a post to trash Colt. I purchased an xsp on 6/28 and in the first 100 rounds, I had about 6 or 7 failures to extract. The pistol would cycle but brass was still in chamber. I thought that this was probably a gun tthat needed to be broken in or the ammo. The next visit to the range, I had a couple of failures to extract. Then it started to fail to fire. pistol would fire, extract and rechamber but not fire. It felt as if the trigger had not reset. I could rack the slide back about 1/2 inch and it would fire. I decided to test the trigger reset on a misfire and while pointing downrange I kept the trigger pressed and rack slide a 1/2 inch released slide and it fired. My first in 60 years of shooting accidental discharge. Took it back to dealer who sent it out to local gunsmith who only cleaned it (it was already clean) and put so much oil on the slde it was oozin out the side. Still fails after every round. Dealer offered me money back but I really like this gun and love the trigger, so agreed to send back to Colt. That has been about 10 days and wondering what may be wrong with the pistol and how long will the turn-around be from colt? Has anyone had this type of experience? I have never seen one negative remark about the Mustang xsp.
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How long totally depends on Colt's work load and on whether some of their staff may be taking vacations.

Normally, if you'd sent it in you'd receive an invoice of repairs stating the work to be done.
I would assume they will send it to your dealer instead.
It probably will take around 30 days...depending on the above.

As for the problem, it's probably something in the trigger mechanism.
Like all other manufactures, when you make thousands of anything, sometimes something goes wrong.

Colt WILL correct it.
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Thanks for the reply D

Thank you for your reply. If its 30 days then it will be 30 day. It will probably take another 30 to restore my confidence. This was for my wife but now she has commandeered my G42. Thats OK, I like the xsp trigger better. I normally carry a G27 but the Colt is fun to shoot.
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if you pull back the slide and either let go or push it into battery and you are holding the trigger back it will fire. try just pushing the slide into battery after it returns normally, if this works then you will just need to lap the slide. get some jewelers rouge field strip and put on the slide guide groves assemble and work the slide. likely the tolerances are very tight.

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Thanks Billymac,

I did try pushing into battery but the slide seemed to be all the way forward. I could only get it to fire by pulling back a 1/2 inch or so and releasing the slide. I think you have a very good point but it being a brand new gun I would have been reluctant to lapping the slide in that it could have voided the warranty. Anyhow, it's now in the hands of Colt. Thank you for your input and I will remember your advice in the future.

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