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Colt Python

I have a 1963 Colt Python that has a small problem. In double action the hammer is released early and the primer is not hit hard enough . it hits , but not enough to ignite the primer. in single action it shoots fine. The gun has sat around for a long time. I didn't shoot very many rounds through it in case there was something really wrong with it. Has anyone had any experience with this problem? Should i send it to colt to get fixed? Thanks
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It is inconsistent, it will fire two or three rounds perfectly then release early on the other four
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The action is working properly. The throw of the hammer is shorter in DA than in single action. Whats most likely amiss is a weak mainspring. Often people try to bend the mainspring for a lighter trigger action and take it too far. Springs can be rebent. It's a trial and error method taking it slow and carefully rebending the spring, in tiny increments. Springs CAN be broken, so I suggest the services of a qualified gunsmith

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