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Fatso4460H 01-30-2020 09:51 AM

Colt Python
I have the above Nickle plated, 4 inch barrel, manufactured in 1973. Immediately under the E***** serial number is the letter P, and under that is the letter N. Can anyone tell me the significance of the P & N?

dfariswheel 01-30-2020 03:29 PM

A letter directly under the serial number is the stamp of the factory final inspector.

It's unusual to see two stamps under the serial, but most of them seem to be on Pythons.
Exactly what this means is uncertain, except that for some reason unknown the gun was probably inspected a second time, or it's a ID stamp for a nickel model.
This would be unusual, since most nickel plated models have a larger "N" stamped under the left hand grip on the lower part of the grip frame.
Of the double stamp guns, the other stamp is usually not an "N", so unless it's missing a larger "N" under the grips that's probably what it's for.

Other inspection stamps are a letter on the left-rear of the trigger guard, which is the stamp of the assembler who assembled the action, and on the left-front trigger guard is a tiny "VP" in a triangle which is the Colt Verified Proof stamp.

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