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Gordon Hulme 01-12-2004 07:29 PM

1927 Colt Argentine contract
I was not really up on the Argentine contract 1911 style pistols when I got offered one for $350 "in perfect shape" . After researching the Systema 1927 Argentine produced pistols , and finding; they were produced on Colt tooling , by Colt techniicians, to Colt specs, uder Colt License using Colt specified Swedish steel I was impressed. I figured I couldn't lose at this price and I wanted a 1911a1 configuration gun to remain in stock configuration and the Argie markings were a plus. When I met owner in the gun shop for the trade (where the price went to $434 out the door ) I found that gun was arsenal refinished and was in "perfect " condition, being reparked and refit, all matching #s BUT when I looked on the left side of slide I see Colts Patent Firearms, Hartford Conn. !!!!! Apparently this gun (5565) was one of 10,000 1911a1's shipped to Argentina before the line got up and running in Argentina in 31 or so! So I got a commercial prewar Colt ,albeit refinshed, for what I consider CHEAP! I went over the gun with a magnifiying glass, it is very well fitted, with a light trigger maybe 5 lb or less. The thumb safety and barrel seem refitted and are blued rather than parked, but other than springs I'm gonna keep this one as is. Very happy!.

ANTQ_COLT_FAN 01-12-2004 09:35 PM

Excellent find and leaving it original is a great idea.

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