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National Match Shooter Value

Of all the handguns I shoot and carry, the SIG P210 is my favorite. Lately, I have been looking for American steel of similar fit and quality. My first choice would be a lightly customized Colt WWI replica, but the California drop test stands in my way. A C&R gun is exempt from this requirement. Accordingly, I have been looking at a number of shooter condition pre-war NM pistols such as the following: ... m=25159294

Looking at the recent sales of collector grade guns priced around $5K, give or take 10%, $2000 for a sound shooter seems to be reasonable: ... um=6201963

I hope to get a sound, tightly fitted pistol capable of shooting 1.5" groups at 25 yards. (The P210 cuts that in half.) I don't care about holster wear, but surface pitting and barrel erosion are major turnoffs. What should I be looking for or guarding against?
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If my memory serves me correctly, the new Remington R-1 looks like a "lightly customized Colt WW1 replica". I caught a brief glimpse of one @ a range recently. I didn't handle it, and have no idea how they shoot. I also have no clue about the "drop test" in the Kommunist State of Kalifornia, BUT since the R-1 is a new gun, I assume it would be PC enuff to make the grade. I'm sure that it could be tweaked into acceptable accuracy by a competent 'smith if it doesn't meet your expectations out of the box. Just something to ponder. Buying a shooter to meet your expectations on an internet auction site may prove to be difficult and risky. Most sellers, including myself, will allow a "3 day non-firing" examination period of the weapon from the date and time that it reaches your FFL. In the case of a C&R weapon, it can be shipped directly to you if you hold a C&R License yourself. BTW--WELCOME to the Forum, and good luck in your search...

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If you are interested in a 9mm, Try the Smith 952 at around $1,500 or a Wilson or Baer 1911 in the 2k to 2.5k range.

A call to Dawson Precision could get a recommendation for an STI 9mm with some of Dawson's trigger/action magic.
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what's the point of varmint rifle type accuracy in a service pistol? are you going to hunt wiht it at long range, or what? u certainly aren't going to reliably hit men's chest with it beyond 25 yds, while being shot at, without ear protection, for a fact. So the better accuracy is just a "whim" sort of thing. Are you bragging that you have that sort of money to waste? the 9mm colt didn't come out until 1950 or so, you know. Only match wc's are going to demo this sort of accuracy in a 1911 .45, and their velocity is too low to make them useful on small critters at much beyond 30 yds, or so, because the looping trajectory will cause you to miss more than a flatter shooting load would do, which won't group half as well at 50 yds, unless you laser range each shot, and have no wind, etc. Low velocity, blunt nosed bullets are not worth much at a mere 50 yds in a 10mph crosswind. Ask any BE shooter who has tried using .38 wadcutter ammo under such conditions, at such distances. :-)

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spedee You served from 1971..about every post of yours mentions EAR must not be much without your little bunny earmuffs on.....this match You challanged Me to , question is with or without your earmuffs

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