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Dane, the first two you posted? May I please borrow them for the rest of my life?

Man, all of these are amazing.
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What year are those?

Hi Dane,
What year of manufacture (or range) were those NM Colts made? I love those rollmarks and would be interested in tracking one down to own someday (hint)! Seriously, I'd appreciate any info on when those rollmarks started and stopped. Thanks.
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Another one...

I just got another prewar National Match. It is pictured in Clawson's book on the Gov't Models (p.61) and you can see pictures of it at also. It is in its original box with the original instruction sheet, packing tissue and test target.

After comparing notes with Tim Mullin (author of American Beauty), and merging lists from several sources, I now have a database of 208 NM pistols + 34 Government Models in the relevant serial number range. Tim's current estimate of the total number of NM's made is somewhere around 1,500.

Please let me know of any pistols you see in the serial number range of C162000 to C215000. If possible, note the condition, finish, grip material, type of sights, and whether or not it has the Swartz safety. Anyone contributing data to the research effort will get access to the entire database, if interested.

Thanks, Kevin.
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New one.

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NM Colt

on Guns America now;

Category: Colt Automatic Pistols (1911 & Var) GA#: 976305192
Price: $6,500.00 Seller: ROBERT M. BLOCK
Return Policy: 3 Days
Shipping Terms: $25 Per Item

(See boxes below to contanct)

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I have just purchased a 1937 Colt Commercial ser# C184***, the finish is not original on the frame. The slide appears to be original finish. Someone fit the slide with aftermarket adjustable sights. The trigger is not original either.

If I may, kwill, I would like to ask a couple questions.

At what point did the magazines for the Colt cease to be two-tone?
If I remember right there were two different rear sights a round top and a square top. Which rear sight should be put in place, the round or square top?
Old 07-05-2003, 05:17 PM   #17
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Like many things Colt, there is not a clean cut-off on the two tone magazines. According to Clawson, all blue magazines could be correct starting about C190000 but two tones continued to be used up through C199000. Your pistol should probably have a two tone, marked base magazine.

The sight is easier--the rounded rear sights stopped very early, by mid-1914 around SN range C11500-C13000. Your pistol may have had Stevens adjustable sights from the factory. What do both the front and rear sights look like?

Does your gun have the Swartz safety (probably not but it never hurts to check).
Old 07-07-2003, 10:58 PM   #18
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I wish I had a nice digital camera, this would be alot easier if I did.

The rear adjustable sight is dovetailed, the platform that the up and down travel is on is about 3/4" wide, the screw adjustment seems to be micrometer click type with 8 clicks total around, the side of the vertical adjustment has the word Micro stamped in it in cursive lettering. The left-right adjustment is rectangular about 3/4" wide and 1/4" high by about 3/16" thick, the adjustment screw is on the right end also micrometer click type, the actual blade that adjusts sits in a groove milled into the rectangular block.

The front sight appears to be soldered on. It is about 1/4" high, 1/8" thick and about 1/2" long (muzzle to breech). The rear face (the one you see when looking at the sight picture) is serrated left to right about 12 lines.

I appreciate your help kwill.

Couple other things to note: the trigger, grips and barrel are not original and the MSH is not original since it is grooved instead of checkered. The most irritable thing about the gun is someone attempted to "stipple" the front strap of the frame and it looks awful. The slide stop, thumb safety and hammer are all correct for this gun all of the pad areas are checkered. There is the number 38 stamped on the right side of the trigger guard on the front leg where it meets the frame, any ideas? There is a P and the verfied proof mark on the left side of the trigger guard on the front leg where it meets the frame.

No, it does not have the Swartz safety. From what I understand the Swartz safety was an early form of firing pin block deactivated by the grip safety.

I do know one thing......I LOVE THIS PISTOL!!!!!!!!!
It shoots incredibly well and functions flawlessly.

I plan on returning the gun to original configuration, with maybe the exception of the barrel.

Anyway, thanks kwill for all of your help.
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Well, it sounds like an interesting pistol. The 38 and the P are assemblers marks and there are probably some similar marks on the top of the frame and/or the underside of the slide. If you go to you can see pictures of a number of prewar NM and GM pistols both with and without adjustable sights.

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