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How many early NM guns are there?

Let's do an informal poll? I have one.....any one else?

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As Dane knows, I am doing research on these guns and know of 35 or so in addition to the 140 surveyed in the book, American Beauty. If you have or know of any, I would appreciate knowing about it. Post it here or send me email at [email protected]. Thanks.

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I know there are several members of this forum that own early NM guns, most have adjustable sights that I have heard about and Swartz safeties. Another is the one Swenson rebuilt that was posted hee on another thread!
Come on guys ante up!

Be fun to include the serial #s and details on as many guns as possible. Different authors vary in estimates of how many guns were made. Some estimates are as low as 1000 guns total. If that is so this is one of the most rare production Colts made. At the moment with the accumulated histories gathered my gun looks to be the second documented delivery of a 1911 in a match format still around.

The early Colt NM gun is shown in original condition at the bottom of the picture. I look at the first NM guns as the beginning of the custom 1911 industry.

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Unfortunately I don't have one, but I am envious.
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Here are three more in original condition:

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I hope the owner doesnt mind me re-posting this. Heres the Swenson:

"I have a Swenson gun and have looked for information on the man but to no avail. What I have is a Colt National Match of 1939 vintage (contacted Colt serial # C197xxx) and was told that was the yr manufactured. I acquired the gun from a relative that was caring for an elderly gentleman that collected .45s and living in Los Angeles. Upon the gentleman's demise my uncle inherited quite a few handguns and this one was in the bunch and he said I could have it. Bud Davey--a collector of Colts in Houston told me the gun was authentic but that he had no idea what the value might be as he was more into unaltered National Match .45s. Any info would be greatly appreciated. By the way, I have owned many .45s and none shoot like this one. It's the sweetest. I can post pics if any interest exists--it's a very nice gun to say the least and in excellent condition. Also--if one would like to view this pistol I have no idea how to post a pic on this site--so a brief explanation would be greatly appreciated. Not likely that I would ever sell this gun....unless someone were to offer me an amount far in excess of its value. And by the way--thanks for the assist!"
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Re: How many early NM guns are there?

Originally Posted by Dane Burns
Let's do an informal poll? I have one.....any one else?
Don't know how to post the pic but I have an adjustable sighted one made in 1939. It too has the Swartz safety.

Wish they still made them like that!

Jim H.
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One of the best topics in a looong time. You gotta love this stuff, very cool. 8)
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In his fine book: SHOTS FIRED IN ANGER, Lt Col John George describes his commanding colonel who carried a handmade knife with stag grip and a NATIONAL MATCH .45 COLT " which he could shoot with rifle accuracy" pages 81-82. Very cool. Sledge
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I saw a fixed-sight NM at the Washington Arms Collectors show a couple of years ago, in very minty shape, with box, for $4000. Usually, when I see a price like that, I think, "I'd never pay . . .", but that time, I wished I'd had four grand! They are the absolute jewels of the 1911 world. Please post any and all pics.

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