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Colt Lawman .357

Does anyone know anything about the Colt Lawman .357? I bought one from my brother many years ago and it's about the loneliest gun in my safe. Shot a few rounds through it when I first bought it and it's probably the most inaccurate revolver I've ever owned.

This one is a 4-inch, blued model with a bull barrel. Did they come in other lengths? When were they manufactured?

Thanks for any information.
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The Lawman Mark III was introduced about the same time as the Trooper Mark III was in 1969.

The Lawman was Colt's "service" version of the Trooper Mark III which had target sights, stocks, and trigger.
These guns were built on Colt's new "J" frame.

The Lawman was available in blue or nickel, and came in a 4" or 2" barrel version. The 2" had a round butt.
Around 1972, the 2" version's barrel was changed from an exposed ejector rod to a shrouded barrel very similar to the Detective Special.

Sometime in the early 80's, the Mark III was replaced by the Trooper/Lawman Mark V. This was basically the same gun with an improved lock work, and was the "V" frame.
In the mid 80's the Lawman model was dropped from the Colt line.
Later, the "V" frame guns were cosmetically redesigned, and renamed The King Cobra.

Master gunsmith Jerry Kuhnhausen stated that, in his opinion, the Colt Trooper III/Lawman/King Cobra were possibly the strongest mid-frame revolvers ever built. He attributed this to Colt's tough forged frames, and the superior heat treating of their frames and cylinders.

I'm very surprised your Lawman won't shoot. The Mark series revolvers were noted as being very accurate guns.
I'd possible something is out of spec on your particular gun.

I'd suggest giving the bore and cylinder a through cleaning, and trying a different brand/type of ammo. It's possible your gun just didn't "like" whatever you shot in it.

In any case, it's very unusual for one of these tank-like Colt's to be inaccurate.
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Thanks very much for the information. "Tank-like" is a very accurate description of this gun. Massive frame when compared to my S&W 66.

I'm probably not being fair to my poor old Colt when I bad-mouthed his accuracy. I haven't fired more than a dozen rounds through it in the 15 or so years that I've owned it. I couldn't even tell you what ammunition I used. All I know is that with a normal picture across its fixed sights it shoots high and very far right. Maybe the front sight blade isn't square to the barrel, I don't know.

The only reason I bought it was because my brother was selling it and I hate to see ANY gun go to a bad home. I believe I paid 150 bucks for it in about 1987 or '88. The cylinder is tight and the finish is near perfect and I got two sets of grips with it so I don't think I got hurt any. I have so many guns I didn't fret over the fact that I couldn't hit anything with it, I just tossed it in the safe and forgot about it. Guess maybe I'll haul it to the range and try to figure out where the problem lies. Hell, maybe it's ME that can't shoot. :lol:

Thanks again.

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