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unique king cobra

I have a unique king cobra i purchased several years ago when i worked as a salesman for a local dealer. It was delivered during a routine re-stock order and noticed to have all roll markings( writing) upsidedown.This revolver had obviously passed colts infamous 22 point inspection.It is a s.s finish, and the serial number starts with a E, i believe this stands for enhanced action? It anso has i believe a combat hammer and trigger. does anyone have any comments or views for me on this subject?
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Sorry, I just saw this.

Factory oddities like this are very rare and the guns are very collectible.

I used to know several advanced collectors who collected ONLY factory mistake guns, like wrong model mark , wrong caliber mark, upside-down roll marks, guns so badly made they should never have made it out of the plant, and other weird mistakes.

An advanced collector would probably offer you a fairly high price for this one.

By the way, don't throw rocks at Colt's inspection system, I've seen worse from just about ALL the other gun companies.
Among them:
A Remington 742 marked .30.06 but chambered in .308.
A Smith & Wesson from the 1950's that was so badly made, it looked like some executives idea of a practical joke. Just about everything that could be wrong was, but it still got shipped.
A Weatherby rifle from the "good old days" of top quality that had an enormous knot hole in the wood right on the recoil lug area. The customer suspected there might be a problem when the stock split nearly to the butt pad.
A S&W Model 29 .44 Magnum with a .357 barrel installed. How it got through being factory test fired was unknown.
A fine High Standard target pistol with an obscene word stamped under the grip.
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thank you for the reply, it was quite interesting.It was not deliberatly knocking colts inspection policies,just making a statment that it had occured. Colt makes fine firearms and i have owned a few,and still do. I have taken this revolver to numerous gun shows to sell or trade and have never gotten a decent offer, and once had taken pictures of it and sent them to colt offering to sell it back. The only offer i got back from them was to replce the barrel free!I have carried this revolver for years deer hunting and have taken 2 nice bucks with it , I gave up several years ago saving it unfired,waiting for a profit . I continue to fire it occasionally asit is aside from themistakes a fine and accurate weapon,thanks again!
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Dfaris, who are these advanced collectors that would be interested in a "mistake" gun like king cobra's? I've asked the exhibitors at the Ohio Gun Collector's Association show about this a few times, and nobody could ever point out such a collector. Not saying I don't believe you, just never ran across one of them myself.

Local gunstore once had a S&W Model 29 on the shelf, marked "4 magnum". They tried and tried to get a collector's premium for that thing, this was a high traffic shop, no nibblers after the first couple weeks. Everytime I came in, offered the counter guy a lower price for it than the visit before.

Store owner had heart troubles and had to sell out, so prices were dropped 5% a week as memory serves. That Model 29 made it to the "35% off" week I think.
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oh man! id LOVE to see some pics!

ive got a sweet 4" ss King that i carried on the police force the 2 years i tried to bankrupt myself...

please post some pics!

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These "factory oddities" collectors are out there, but like most other gun collectors, they don't advertise, and usually do their buying from like-minded collectors and higher level gun auction houses.

The last one I personally knew about was a very low-key man in California back in the 80's.
He collected ONLY oddities, and had some of the wildest gun mistakes I ever saw.

If you were thinking about selling the gun, I'd recommend advertising it on these gun forums, selling on an internet gun auction, or through one of the big auction companies.
Otherwise, you usually don't get the attention of these collectors.

Going on the basis that "SOMEONE collects almost anything you can name" there is also the very shadowy world of the "Blood gun" collectors.
These are people who collect guns that have been used to kill someone.

These people run the gamut from people who happen to have a gun used in a famous shooting or by a famous person, to people who collect ONLY guns used to kill, and they don't care if it's Billy The Kid's gun, a $1500 Python, or a $50.00 Saturday Night Special Lorcin in poor condition.

These people are VERY low key, and make a real effort to stay out of public view. You NEVER see them advertising or out in public looking.
Some of the more aggressive collectors keep contacts with people who work in law enforcement or other areas where a gun used in a crime might be able to be acquired.

So, you see all kinds in collecting anything, but gun collectors tend to be less public.
I knew one man who had the top second or third best collection of Winchester Model 12 shotguns IN THE WORLD.
NO ONE knew he even existed, and only a tiny few people knew about the collection.
When he died and his collection was sold back in the 80's, the news that such a collection existed was like someone discovering an unknown collection of Da Vinci art works.
Even most of the top Winchester collectors never heard of the collection, and it was privately sold before most collectors even heard it was up for sale.
Whoever bought it is unknown and it disappeared into another collection before anyone ever saw it.
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I also have one of these factory mistakes bought new in 1989. It has the King Cobra roll mark on one side and the Python (non caliber) on the other. I was offered the free barrel job also by letter from the factory. I called CS up there and was told that some of these were the result of the strike. I was told that some managers & smiths who worked the Python line were transferred to the KC line due to employee shortages at the time. The woman I spoke with told me that one of these was her husband. He and the other smiths marked the barrels with their tools at hand and some of these mismarked revolvers got passed QC.
Some folks out there know exactly what these are worth,I was offered $750 a few years ago. I asked f/$1000 and was turned down as my price cut into his profit margin. Seems he knew the right people to resell this too. Glad that I declined as I watch prices jump today.
I often debate w/myself whether to sell this to fund other projects or pass it down.

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