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Colt 1917 DA

I am in the process of adding a Colt 1917 to my collection, I know much more about the 1911's. I have been told that the 1917 only came in 45 acp, but another friend says it came in acp and 45 colt, mine is marked as .45 colt, does this version also use acp ammo, or standard colt 45 rounds.
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The Colt 1917 was made ONLY in .45 ACP.

The true 1917 was made specifically for the US government, and was chambered for the standard US service round, the .45 ACP.

After the war, Colt did make up commercial 1917's from left over parts.
If your gun has US Government serial numbers on the bottom of the butt, it's been reworked and is not original.

Many Colt 1917's were reworked over the years to take the .45 Colt cartridge.
New cylinders were sold by parts houses for many years.
The problem is, often these cylinders were fitted by people who had only the most vague idea of how to fit cylinders, and timing, head space, end shake, and alignment may be off.

The Model 1917 was really just the Colt New Service as made and chambered for the government.
The commercial New Service was made in .45 Colt, so that may be what your buddy is thinking about.

In your case, if the revolver is chambered for .45 Colt, it's NOT original.
If it's a genuine, original Model 1917, it will have GI issue numbers on the butt and will be in .45 ACP.
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well what threw me off was the barrel, it says 45 colt, the other one i have seen says 45 acp, that's why i was wondering, the acp would be fine with me, then i only have to buy one type of ammo, it has the gov numbers on the butt, i will be picking it up on the 29th, had to do the wait period, and he's closed half the week next week, so won't be able to get it till then. How can i know for sure if it's been reworked, as far as the cylinder. excuse my questions, but the only other revolver i have is a victory model smith, which all the numbers match on. I know a lot more about the 1911's.
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Again, the genuine US government Model 1917 was made ONLY in .45 ACP.
The Model 1917 barrel would be stamped "COLT DA .45" on the left side of the barrel.

If the gun is chambered in .45 Colt and has a .45 Colt marked barrel, it is NOT an original 1917.

What this might be is a real 1917 that's been re-cylindered, and re-barreled.
MANY 1917's have been reworked, and among others, Numrich Arms/Gun Parts Corporation sold both cylinders and barrels for many years.
The cylinders and barrels were usually NOT Colt made, but were made up for Numrich.

Bottom line: if you have a Colt revolver marked Model "1917" and it's got a .45 Colt cylinder, and a barrel marked ".45 COLT", it's been reworked.

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