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Colt Detective Special

Just joined this forum.

I have a Colt Detective Special that, I think, is a 3rd generation. No matter. I want to shoot this thing, but the trigger pull is atrocious. Went looking for springs, specifically Wolff springs, but there are none in their catalog. Also, and even though I intend to shoot this thing and not sell it, the trigger is so thin. Hard to manage with the heavy trigger pull. It is a poor workman who blames his tools. I am aware of that. but, I really think this little gun can be truned into a shooter by someone who knows what he is doing.

Last question. Are their any professional gunsmiths out there who specialize in these guns?

Thank you in advance.
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There are a few gunsmiths who work on Colt revolvers. The older style actions are more complicated the other brands so I would be careful about letting the "average" local smith work on them. I can think of several others have recommended in the past:

Dave Sams

Cylinder & Slide

Grant Cunningham

The Action Works

Alan Tanaka (no web site)
AT Custom Gun Works
[email protected]
17924 South Hobart Blvd; Gardena, CA 90248; 310-327-2721; 310-327-4641 FAX

I have had a fair amount of work done by Alan Tanaka but not on a Colt revolver; it was quite well done. I had a gun similar to yours and also noted the same regarding the trigger. I sent the gun to Jim Stroh of Alpha Precision ( and had him build upthe existing trigger in width and eliminate the sharp edges so it wound up appearing much like a S&W combat trigger. Stroh is noted for his welding prowness.

As far as I know the only spring kits for the old style Colts are some made for the Python by Trapper Gun in Gratiot, Michigan if they are still in business. The mainspring tension can be lessened somewhat by judicious bending using a correct size dowel or drill. DFariswheel over at the Colt Forum could provide more information. I do recall in one of the gun magazines back in the '90's a review of a Cylinder & Slide "master tuned" Det. Sp. that had a double action of around 7.5 pounds so it can be reduced. On mine which was tuned by a former employee of C&S who had a shop in Florida the double action was around 9 pounds.

Here is a link to a discussion on the subject at the Colt Forum: ... #Post53107
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Colt Detective Special

Thank you, friend, for the excellent reply. With that data, I have a good direction to move in. May end up doing nothing, you know? Nice to have options.

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Trapper Gun in Gratiot, Michigan
just a clarification (because i wasnt aware of this source for springs)...

Trapper Gun is at 30183 Gratiot* Avenue in Roseville, Michigan 48066 586-776-7581...

*Grash-it. name of the Army Engineer Charles Gratiot in charge of overseeing construction of the lighthouse at the head waters of the St. Clair River between Port Huron, Michigan and Point Edward, Ontario, Canada in 1825. it was the first lighthouse on the Great Lakes. the first tower had some issues and was reconstructed in the 1830s. the current lighthouse is being transferred from the Coast Guard to the City of Port Huron as one of the many exhibit sites for the museum...

the road runs from Fort Gratiot (Port Huron) down to historic Fort Wayne (in Detroit). it was engineered by Charles Gratiot as well...

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Trapper Gun - Gratiot

Thanks for the info as I always get mixed up on Gratiot and Roseville. Trapper used to do custom guns (maybe still do) in the '80's and '90's and had a full color catalog out at the time. They also offer besides spring kits other supplies for caring for guns. I believe other brand spring kits most are made by Wolff and seem to offer the same weight springs as Wolff. I did put a Trapper spring kit in a roller action Python I had resulting in a 6.5 lb DA and 2.5 lb SA with no misfires so am happy with it. A D frame due to having less mechanical leverage probably requires a somewhat heavier trigger than a medium frame such as a Python all other things being equal.

Glad to provide the information. Options are always nice whether used or not. Also, in the tuning it is possible to eliminate the traditional Colt "stacking" in double action pull. Grant Cunningham offers to tune the gun either retaining the stacking or eliminating it. I believe the "Master Tune" of C&S may eliminate it but one would need to check with them. They can also do a custom gold bead front sight for the gun if desired.

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