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Colt magnum carry 32 Mag how to remove barrel

I have recently bought a colt magnum carry in 32 and i need to refinish it, could some one please guide me through the barrel removal procedure as i need to anodise the frame. Are the barrels press fit or screwed in, because i can see two dowels on top of the frame.
could some one please guide me.
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Re: Colt magnum carry 32 Mag how to remove barrel

You need to supply more information or a picture.
The Colt Magnum Carry was a stainless steel, small frame double action revolver made only for a couple of years in the late 1990's.
It was never made in .32 Magnum as far as I know, only in .357 Magnum.

In any case, you can't anodize the frame because its stainless steel, not aluminum.
It should NOT have two dowels in the frame.

Colt barrels are screwed in and tightly torqued in place.
Removal REQUIRES a special frame "wrench" with polymer inserts made to closely fit the frame. The barrel is held in a polymer, brass, or aluminum barrel vise set up.
FAIR WARNING: Attempt barrel removal without the right tools and the frame will either crack, or bend. The old trick of using a hammer handle through the frame is pretty well guaranteed to ruin the gun.

In addition, if you break the torque and remove the barrel, it won't go back on properly.
When the torque is broken, the barrel will screw back on just a little farther.
This means the front sight will be off-center OR the barrel will unscrew itself under recoil.

I'm not sure just what you have, but I don't think its a Colt factory Magnum Carry.
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Re: Colt magnum carry 32 Mag how to remove barrel

Thank you for your reply "dfariswheel".
The revolver is completely stripped except for the barrel, I'll try to add some pictures.
when i bought it the firing pin and the cylinder lock pin was missing. I dont know if it was a bad dicission to buy it, but i felt it had potential. i machined the lock pin and firing pin and every thing seems to be working fine... atleast for now.
Towards the left of the barrel it has "COLT MAGNUM CARRY 32 MAGNUM CTG MADE IN W.GERMANY/LBG" and on right "MFG UNDER LICENCE FROM CLOTS P.T.F.A MFG CO. HARTFORD CONN USA" inscribed on it.
The frame is anodised, most of the anodising is worn out. i Am quiet sure the frame is aluminum. which has started to scare me a bit, since these were not made in aluminum.
What grade aluminum do they use for the frame, is it friendly to anodising.
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Re: Colt magnum carry 32 Mag how to remove barrel

It's no Colt, and I've never heard of Colt allowing anyone to make a copy of the Magnum Carry.
Did you misspell the word "Clots PTFA" or is it actually "Colt"?

From the looks, I'm wondering if this might not be some type of replica toy gun someone attempted to convert to fire live ammo. I retired about the time Colt was starting to introduce the Magnum Carry, so it's at least "possible" Colt did license a modified version of the Magnum Carry, but frankly, I don't see Colt allowing their name to be associated with something that uses a barrel pinned in like this one is.

In any case, the barrel is obviously pressed in and pinned with the two pins. Removal would entail driving the pins out, then pressing the barrel forward. This would require some type of home made press device.
For that, it'd probably be a thick steel plate that fits over the rear of the barrel with a brass bushing slightly smaller than the barrel shank.
Two heavy bolts with nuts would run forward to another thick plate with a hole that would pass the barrel.
By tightening the bolts, the plate on the rear would press the barrel forward.
This assumes that with the pins out, the barrel won't just pull out of the frame.

A possibly better option would be to go with one of the "paint" type gun finishes like Lauer Duracoat or Brownell's Aluma-Hyde. These require no baking, and are pretty durable coatings. This would eliminate barrel removal at all, which on a gun of this quality, is going to be risky.
Personally, this is one I WOULD NOT try to shoot. The .32 Magnum was fairly hot, and I'd wonder if the aluminum frame would be up to the stress.

I have no idea what type of aluminum this thing was made from, but if it really is aluminum and not Zamac (zinc pot metal) it should anodize. If it's Zamac, you'd be nuts to shoot the thing.

This gun just has the appearance of something that on thinking about it, you probably would be better off to not try to shoot.
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Re: Colt magnum carry 32 Mag how to remove barrel

Sorry i did misspell the word, its "Colts PTFA".
where do i find the registered serial number log or a referance to the manufactured date.
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Re: Colt magnum carry 32 Mag how to remove barrel

There is no serial numbed reference since Colt Firearms didn't make this. They only have numbers for guns they actually produced.

The publicly available Colt serial number references only go up to 1985. For guns after that date, you have to call the factory. The genuine Colt Magnum Carry was introduced around 1998-99 and discontinued in 2000.
The factory will have no records on this gun since they didn't make it.

Frankly, I have no ideas on what this is, but I seriously doubt Colt would have allowed their name to be used for something like this. Colt never allowed foreign makers to use their name under license for real guns. They licensed the rights to make a few Colt firearms, mostly for military contracts, but they never allowed a foreign maker to put the Colt trade marks on them.
Colt did allow foreign makers to use the Colt name on pellet guns and air soft guns.

So, you have a real oddity, and I have no idea how to figure out what it is. I can say that if you shoot this thing with live ammo, you're stark raving crazy.
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Re: Colt magnum carry 32 Mag how to remove barrel

That's a fascinating piece. I don't recall seeing dfariswheel being that puzzled before

Since it looks like you've taken it apart --- would you mind posting pictures of the inside? I'm curious if they changed anything.
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Re: Colt magnum carry 32 Mag how to remove barrel

It looks suspiciously like this aluminum framed German Umarex "Detective Special" blank firing gun ("gas alarm"/"gas signal" gun in eurospeak).

Same style of Colt logo on the side plate, same star on the top strap. And I think I see a little bump on the top strap where the weird barrel pins are located?

I'd certainly be afraid of firing it with real ammo.


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