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Python action

I'm using a four inch Python for IDPA and shoot double action only. I would really like to 'improve' the trigger though.

The trigger pull is smooth, timing of the cylinder is spot on and lock-up is tight but the stacking towards the end of the pull does make shooting more difficult than if I was using a S&W.

Short of sending the gun into a specialist gunsmith in the US (I'm in South Africa) is there anything I or competent local gunsmith can do to minimize the stacking and perhaps speed up the trigger return?

Thank you, Racingsnke
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Not a lot.
The old Colt trigger custom specialists are all dead and gone now so there's not many people still doing non-stack work.
Colt will still do trigger action jobs, but I don't know if they remove all stack, and Frank Glenn in Arizona also does Colt trigger jobs.
In both cases you have to send the gun in.

As for speeding up lock time, that's tough to do in the Python because the same "vee" spring that powers the hammer also powers the rest of the action.
Lightening the trigger pull slows the hammer drop and slows trigger return.

Re-working the action to remove the stacking required annealing the trigger, bending the sear area into a curve, then re-hardening the trigger.
The hammer required work also, plus other parts in the action were further smoothed.

Another method was the Walt Sherman Roller Action.
In this method, the hammer's double action strut is replaced with a strut with a roller bearing.
Sherman's duty level action job gave around a 7.5 to 8 pound double action trigger that was totally reliable with hard Magnum primers.
This also required machining the hammer away under the strut, and I think, some alterations to the trigger.
I think you had to send the gun in to him, I don't know if he'd sell just the parts.

If he's still in business you could contact him and ask if he needs the entire gun or just the hammer and trigger.
Here's the last contact info I had on him

Walt Sherman
9621 Rose Road
Tallahassee, FL, 32311
(904) 878-9563.

You might make a post on the Colt forum and ask if anyone there can give more set-by-step instructions on how to alter the trigger.
At least one or two members there have played around with altering the Colt action to give a no-stack trigger.

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Thanks Doc
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Christian Neubauer in Durban North could do the job.
He is a graduate of the Trinidad State Jr. College 3 year gunsmithing program.

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Christian Neubauer in Durban North could do the job.
He is a graduate of the Trinidad State Jr. College 3 year gunsmithing program.
But can he work on the old Colt action? Not many left who can. There are a few who claim to be able to...just before they completely screw it up. It's a different animal.

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