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mdhaas 10-17-2014 04:47 PM

Problem shooting DA with my King Cobra
I hope someone can steer me in the right direction. I have a 6" King Cobra. I have had it for years, and have always shot it single action. A shooting partner of mine is a retired Sheriff & has suggested that I practice shooting double action to increase my accuracy if I ever need it for defense. When I shoot double action, I notice that about 1 in 10 trigger pulls, there is a misfire & a noticeable light primer strike. I can re-register the round & the round will fire fine. I inspected the trigger group & to my layman's eyes everything looks fine. I do load my own & always check for high primers & never have a problem when shooting single action.

I do notice that when I cock the hammer as in shooting single action, the hammer is quite farther back than it ever reaches when pulled back by the trigger during double action.

Any suggestions?

I want to thank everyone for their expertise.

Livermore, CA

dfariswheel 10-17-2014 05:29 PM

First, try shooting new quality factory ammo.
If that shoots okay, there's something wrong with your reloads.

Second, it's possible that a previous owner installed a reduced power mainspring.
Wolf Gun Springs sell new springs in kits with various weights of springs.
You may need to install a heavier spring, which will affect the trigger pull in both single and double action.

If you weigh the trigger pull in both double action and single action you may be able to determine if the spring is too light.
The factory specs for the King Cobra trigger pull are as follows.

Single Action:
Minimum--3 pounds.
Maximum--5 pounds.

Double action, Maximum--14 pounds.

As above, before doing anything shoot enough quality factory ammo to insure it's not your reloads, then look into installing a stronger mainspring.

All double action revolvers allow the hammer to move farther back in single action then in double action.
This is a major reason a revolver will work fine in SA but mis-fire in DA.

mdhaas 10-17-2014 06:57 PM

Thanks for the advice. I have some factory ammo & will shoot a couple of boxes & see what happens. If I continue the have problems, I will replace the main spring.

dfariswheel, you are the greatest!

Livermore, Ca

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