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Colt Anaconda Fires Twice with One Trigger Pull

Greetings everyone,

I have a problem with a Colt .44 Magnum Anaconda Double Action Revolver w/ 8" barrel. Ok , I am 47 and I have been shooting guns since I was about 10 years old using a Ruger RedHawk .44 Mag. , so I am very comfortable. Ever since my dad discovered the internet, he has been stock piling all kind of guns and ammo . He was like a kid in a candy store. Anyway, he passed away a couple of years ago and I have all of his guns. And of course , like I told him, eventually you are gonna get burned on a bad gun deal on the internet. Well luckily, he was already gone to see it but a couple of the "new in box" " never been fired" guns are messed up. But after well examination of the Anaconda it looked brand new, perfect and beautiful. Unlike dear dad, i have been shooting the Anaconda and love it.
Recently , a problem is occurring. About every 3rd time I go the range, the Anaconda will fire twice with one trigger pull. I will pull the hammer back, cocked and loaded, gently squeeze the trigger and then ... BANG BANG.
One of my friends, an ex army shooting instructor immediately said, "You're pulling the trigger a second time." Well instead of going , " I know what I'm doing, BLAH BLAH BLAH, who do you think you are, an ex army shooting instructor???" , i said ok, maybe you're right. I will pay close attention shooting session.
Well, it continues to be a scary issue. I am not pulling the trigger twice, i have had several witnesses , i'm not sure if it happens when you just pull the trigger , I always pull the hammer back and cock it when i shoot.
Has anyone every seen this? Any ideas? And don't tell me, "Yeah, I've seen it, when you pull the trigger twice"

Thank You

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Don't fire the weapon even once more.
The BATF classifies even malfunctions that fire a gun twice with one trigger pull as a machine gun. It has prosecuted people for illegal weapons possession in such cases, and it has identified people when they used gun ranges. It can mean jail time even though it is a malfunction.

It is also good practice to never fire a weapon that has demonstrated a repeated malfunction. There is no way to ensure the malfunction will stay the could malfunction in some other way or the malfunction itself may cause a different type of malfunction altogether. There is no way to predict what will happen and it could prove exceedingly dangerous. Keep in mind that in some states/cities an accidental discharge carries a MANDATORY MINIMUM sentence. Apparently some prosecutors offer a plea bargain to avoid a trial (a trial can financially ruin a defendant so defendants have a huge incentive to plea bargain), but their hidden ideological agenda in offering the plea will be a court order taking away one's right to carry or own a gun.

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Are the primers pierced on the first round fired? Something is blowing the hammer back, but not far enough to recock it.
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I think this gentleman posted on the Colt forum and got his answer.

Over there he finally agreed that he was actually pulling the trigger again under recoil.
This is something that can happen with large caliber, heavy recoiling revolvers.

This is easy to document, all you have to do is video the gun and hand then slow the video down to slow motion.
You'll see that as the gun recoils your hand instinctively tightens on the grip to hold on under the recoil and the trigger finger is actually pulling the trigger again.

No mystery.
It's physically impossible for a double action revolver to fire itself, the trigger MUST be pulled.

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