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CZ 75 in Single Action?

Anybody have any experience with the CZ75-SA? I had a 75B and really liked it, but keep thinking the single action might be just the ticket for ESP class in IDPA.

If you've shot one, how's the trigger compare to the SA of the 'normal' DA/SA CZ75? That was my only real gripe with the pistol, as it was accurate and reliable, but I could never get a really good SA trigger out of it.

Thanks for any info,
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The trigger reset is longer on the 75BSA than the single action reset is on the 75B. Even though the 75B has DA/SA capability, Ive always treated it like a cocked and locked gun. Recoil is a little softer with the SA, due to the heavier slide. I find the thumb safety more comfortable on the SA. I like the trigger and the sights on the 85 combat (no firing pin safety device drag/creep) better than either the 75B or the 75BSA though.
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Larry, Sherman,

I have a 75B-SA, 85 Combat, and a 75 Compact. The 75 Compact has a trigger system identical to the 75B, so that's what I'll use for comparison.

The 75B-SA comes with a plastic SA-only trigger, with an overtravel adjustment screw. The trigger comes so/so from the box- I've tried several others besides mine. The quality was a little better than the average 75B trigger. I had [email protected] replace the plastic trigger with a steel one, with both overtravel and take-up adjustment, for free, in addition to a trigger job I payed for. Some take-up and some reset distance is required on the "B" models to actuate the firing pin safety.

I didn't find that reset was much longer on the 75B-SA, but of course mine's been tuned anyway.

The 85 COMBAT has no firing pin safety (it's not a "B") model and thus is can be tuned to be like a good 1911 trigger: no take-up, extremely short reset, minimal overtravel.

A 75B can be converted to SA-only be putting in a SA trigger. A trigger job by someone good on your 75B would make it about as good as a 75B-SA anyway, but you'd miss out on the big safeties and extra slide mass. The 75B-SA eats up +P ammo with negligible recoil.

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I have an 75 SA in .40 and I like it. The polymer trigger could be better (still to heavy and a little creep) and I have heard reports of broken SA triggers. If this happens, I will replace it with a Champion metal trigger.

What I really like is the accuracy. With 180 gr. Federal American Eagle and Winchester white box ammo, it will easily shoot under 1" at 15 yards, more like .7". This is consistent with other SA's reports I have read.

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