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CZ 85 Combat w/ Champion parts hammer/sear question.

I just got my CZ 85 COMBAT SA-only Champion-conversion (Champion hammer & sear, with 75B-SA steel trigger with take-up and overtravel screws) back from Mike @ CZ-USA. The trigger pull is excellent but I am afraid there is not enough hammer/sear engagement for it to be safe. In 1911's, I think there's normally about 0.018" engagement. On my Champion-converted 85 Combat, there's much less than this, though I haven't been able to accurately measure it.

Here are some anamalous behaviors I that cause me concern:

1. pulling the trigger will drop the hammer, when it's on the half-cock notch!

2. if the hammer is cocked, but the safety is off, and I push on the rear of the hammer, about 1/4 times when I then retract the slide, the hammer drops!

3. safety can be engaged when hammer is down

Since the 85 Combat has no firing pin block, I want to make absolutely sure there is enough hammer/sear engagement.

The primary hook on the hammer is more than high enough to get more engagement, but the sear edge does not move "down" far enough to take advantage of it. What determines how far down the sear edge moves? While playing with the parts, it appears the bottom of the sear surface, in front of the engagement surface, contacts the hammer in front of the hooks. Is this right? If I want to increase engagement, would I just lower this hammer surface?

If this work is beyond my ability, I will probably have someone qualified check out the pistol.

A related question: The pistol currently has the 75B-SA trigger, and the Champion hammer & sear. I have the old hammer/trigger/sear that came on the pistol. I tried to re-assemble the old hammer & sear, but the sear would hang up and conflict in some way with the trigger transfer bar. Is this related to the disconnector (#17)? Should the disconnector be removed when the 75B-SA trigger is used?

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You just answered your own question really...
Id be on the phone with Mike getting an RMA to return your gun...
With no FPB on the cant be like the SA/Champion.

Even with a FPB, it failed the tests Id rack the slide and a 1/4 of the time the hammer falls" Yeeeeooooowwwww! Send it back and tell him you want a gun thats safe to shoot and handle.

BTW, your steel trigger with dual adj's is a Champion trigger...
The SA's are plastic and have one way adj's.....thought you would like to know.....
shoot well

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