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Old 03-09-2004, 06:27 AM   #11
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I used a witness in 9x21 for IPSC and have had no problems with it. Never had a ftf or fte. I never tried to push the limit by using a light bullet in a round that keeps the same oal of a 9x19. I loaded a 145 gr bullet and made a 179 power factor. I like the pistol and it proved to be a great tool. I do know of a problem that a friend of mine had with his. Seems that he kept breaking slide stop pin. He took it to a Gunsmith and it turns out the the hole that the pin went through was off a little and created the problem. I believe that most of the ones in IPSC that breakdown are a creation of just trying to get that edge with a light bullet and to hot a load.
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Old 04-27-2004, 04:53 PM   #12
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Well, my EAA Witness .45 when i first got it had what I think is a weaker than necessary recoil spring. I noticed a little firing pin smear on the spent primers so I replaced it with a heavier recoil spring to head off any trouble down the road. So far it hasn't had a bit of problems either so I think it was a good move to make. Now I won't condem EAA as being the only manufacturer for having weak recoil springs. I've had Auto-Ordnance, Kimber and Springfield 1911 pistols that all had springs that were too weak to allow them to function propperly. Others like my Glocks, HK USP, Beretta, CZ and a couple other Witness' worked just fine with the springs they had so sometimes it just shows that some poor parts will leave anybodies factory.
Old 05-12-2004, 01:52 PM   #13
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Love mine.

I love my Tangfolio Witness. I finally took it up shooting the other day, along with a 45-70 rifle and some hot loads for the Ruger #1. I took along some cheap Russain Surplus ammo(WOLF), and some Winchester target loads. All the Wolf ammo had no problems, and the only "failure's" I had was a single Winchester round stopped on the feed ramp, until the slide was touched at which time it snapped forward locking the round into the breech solidly. The only other one was the last round I fired also a winchester, the empty brass didn't eject all the way, instead it flipped around backwards and stayed inside, but it was also the final round in the mag, and dropping the mag of course fixed the problem. I feel the recoil spring could be a little stronger, but only to aid in chambering hollowpoint loads, when you might find it usefull to chamber a load slowly and gently instead of violently. I picked up my .45 Witness used with 2 ten round mags, and I keep both mags fully loaded at all times. No failure to feeds from those. It was just a touch gritty when I picked it up. After shooting I cleaned it well and oiled it and now it's as smooth as a baby's bottom. Wear on the parts is minimal except for the finish on the outside, is rather worn, this was a wet weather carry gun for someone, but the bluing is still instact with a few ugly spots on it on the outside, everything inside is great, and it's damn close to being a tack driver. It out performed my neighbors Hip Cap 1911. Much greater accuracy and smaller groups. Of course to be fair I have a fullsize longslide(yes for carry) and his is a compact. I have a friend who has a .40 Witness bought new in the last year with the wonder finish, and no failures whatsoever, except for parts interchangability which cannotbe considered failure.

Rev. Michael
Old 05-19-2004, 10:41 AM   #14
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I feel kind of obligated to respond. Put me down for absolutely no problems. My .40 tachII is a fine weapon. I recommend Witness or CZ to alot of people that own just one gun ( I haven't tried a polymur frame tho). My witness eats everything I feed it. I carry alot of pistols...Colts,H&K Browning CZ ,Walther.. I may have one of everything I am not sure :-? Seems I always find my way back to my Witness. It has all the features I like in one gun and fits my hand great. Put me down as a satisfied customer. Around here it has a fine reputation.
Old 05-19-2004, 12:52 PM   #15
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Trying to avoid bashing, etc.

I've got just one Witness -- and its a Sport Long Slide in .45. Very nice.

I've heard horror stories about EAA guns, and don't think they were made up to upset people on these kinds of forums. Some of them had to do with senior people in the EAA organization, who were unwilling to deal with customer complaints.

EAA is an importer. Tanfoglio makes the guns. Tanfoglio makes many other guns, most of which have pretty good reputations.

One thing is less debatable: EAA's customer service is NOT the best in the business, and if you have to interact with customer service, you may have some problems.
Old 05-29-2004, 11:57 AM   #16
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While I don't shoot my Witness 40 as much as I used to, I've had no problems with mine, and it's fired well over 12,000 rounds since 1991. It feeds everything I stuff in it, and isn't finicky about OAL, I've loaded everything from 135 grain slugs up to 200, it just doesn't care. It still has the original recoil spring, and I have made no modifications to it whatsoever. Accuracy is decent, better than I am, I wish I'd tested it when my eyes were better. But 3-4" at 25 yards is good enough for me, if I need more precision than that I'll get a scoped rifle!

Old 06-16-2004, 03:09 AM   #17
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Witness P Carry 10mm

I recently took delivery of my EAA 10mm Witness P Carry and am interested in getting springs for it. Sprinco doesn't specifically list recoil, magazine, etc springs for the P Carry and it has just recently came out so my concern is whether or not I can use springs they list for theother witness'? I called around yesterday and most of the magazine places finally fessed up that since it is new they don't yet have magazines for it and had to go to EAA direct. Anyone out there have suggestions or sources? This weapon is an add in to my inventory, I normally shoot the S&W 1006 but it is a mite big to go some places. Hence the EAA.

Old 06-16-2004, 05:57 PM   #18
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I have 2 Tanfoglio pistols, a Witness Compact 10mm and a TZ75....No problems with either one. The dealer I bought my Witness from has been selling them for many years, and I've been shopping there for over 20 years...It's one of the guns he doesn't see many problems with, which can't be said for some of the other "high" end brands. I own at least one of every brand of handgun he sells, and my Witness has been as good as the best and better then some of the others.
Regards SonnyD
Old 06-16-2004, 08:10 PM   #19
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EAA Witness Failures

Thanks for the reply Sonny,

The Witness failures is just the name of the thread, I did not mean to imply any problems with mine. Matter of fact I haven't had it long enough to develop any problems. More to the point, I am hoping to hear from other Witness P Carry owners who've found sources for things like springs and things and mags for the weapons. Anyone here have any inputs one way or the other about the poly frame weapons? Any information is better than none, right?

Old 06-19-2004, 05:40 PM   #20
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I have been running this post on several boards. A few people have had failures with their pistols. A couple of cracked frames, some cracked slides. The Super Sight is known to not be able to withstand heavy recoil, but this could be a result of the set screw backing out and perhaps the sight shakes itself to death. The vast majority of failures have been failures to feed. Most have been cured with either new mags, new mag springs and polishing of the feedramp. The other big problem seems to be poorly regulated sights.

Overall, it seems that the Witness line is probably just as good as many other manufacturers' pistols. Are Witnesses in the same class as a Wilson or Baer 1911? No way. But they seem to be on par with the lower priced 1911's, like Springfield Milspecs. If there is one big area in which the Witness fails, it would probably be in customer support. Tons of complaints about rude people at EAA and gunsmithing work that is suspect. But if I could find a Witness full size in wonder finish and chambered in 10mm, for the right price I think I would buy it.
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