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I have an older witness P carry model. Comes with 3 slides and mags. .45acp- 40s&w- 9mm. It is the king of jamming. With the .45 it jams in the middle of the 8rd mag, say rounds 4 and 6, every time. Failure to feed is the problem. Same issue shooting with the 9mm slide. The 40s&w however jams....every.....single....round.....!!! Fail to feed, fail to feed! I've polished the ba-jesus out of the feed ramps on the barrels, no change. I have several mags for each caliber, no change in reliability with every mag I have. Any thoughts?
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You might check the last post date on this subject.
It was in 2004.

This forum has had some problem in the past and old posts still show.
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I picked up a Tanfoglio EAA.40 with 8 mags for a good price. it was shot a bunch but very smooth. A problem surfaced where the safety popped up and on. It took a few minutes to figure this out. I removed the safety (the internet is wonderful) and freed up the spring and detent. Now it does it about once every 5 or 6 mag loads. The trigger is too short top to bottom and my finger gets pinched. So far I am too cheap to buy the parts to fix these problems. BTY, this pistol is a sweet shooter, accurate with mild recoil.
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I own 3 Tanfoglio pistols. An older EA 40 with 9mm & .40 uppers, Witness Match 10mm and Witness Hunter 10mm. The only problem I have had with function was the Match slide would not lock open maybe 1 in 10 mags. I called EAA and was told it is unusual to have the Match returned for repair. I shipped it in and it was returned repaired, with a list of work done in 3 weeks. Also the EA 40 had a recall for the firing pin I think. Sent in both slides and had them back pretty quick. I have read how bad EAA customer service is. My experience so far very good.
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Love My EAA

I have a Frankenstein Witness that is my carry gun, with almost every part replaced. It was not that these were needed, it is just that I got to like Hennings and his website too much and started to work on the problems associated with the 10mm cartridge.

I started with an EAA Match slide in 10mm. When I measured the spring tunnel I found that their was nearly 0.25 of an inch (with my preferred 18 lbs Wolff Spring) before the spring became solid, so I carved off 0.20 from the spring tunnel. I then carefully burnished the extractor and fitted a stronger wolff extractor spring. External extractors are more consistent than internal ones, so I knew that once it was set up properly, it would run a good long time.

The slide already had the super sights, so I left them alone, other than having a Hennings sight installed with a glow green dot in front.

the Barrel was given a chamber polish as well as the ramp and the crown cut at 11 degrees so that it sat flush with the slide.
The guide rod was replaced with Hennings "cone" guide rod which prevent battering of the rod on the tiny abutments in the frame.

For the frame I picked the EAA Witness Elite series without the rail or the extended dust cover. This provided me with the best of the frames with the least amount of parasitic weight. The factory hammer, trigger, sear and action bar were replaced with EDM, Hennings or chrome plated for smoothness, which rendered the weapon SOA and the optional ambidextrous safeties usable only if the weapon was cocked and full wolff springs were installed as well as a Henning ultralight firing pin.

To round out the perfection, the Henning aluminum grips were installed, along with his aluminum mag well, which is small enough to not bother me with daily carry but to truly improve my grip.

For practice I use a factory 180 remington as a predictable and high quality round. For carry I load 135 grain from Underwood during the summer and Underwood 165 grain "Golden Sabre" during the Winter.

10mm is like having a HEMI under the hood. You replace failure prone parts with the very best, you don't buy canister grade oil from the 7/11 and you don't buy cheap gas.

I get rewarded every time I pull the trigger.

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