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EAA Witness failures

This seems to be a somewhat hot topic and threads end up being locked. Please do not start a flame war here. I would like to hear about the failures of EAA Witness pistols. Please, no second or third hand reports, I want to hear about failures actually seen, not urban legends. Please list the frame size, caliber, nature of the failure and the approximate round count at which the failure occured. Let's see just how many really fail. This is also being posted on The High Road.com and the CZ Forum.com
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As far as my own experience, here goes.
Tanfoglio pistols in the IPSC world have been labeled as "Jam-a-holics" fix 'em during the week and shoot 'em on the weekend, on and on. Through trial and error, I have mine working 100% Feeding can be an issue, and I feel that ammo OAL is very crutial, I load mine shorter than most- 1.150" in a standard frame for 9mm and 9x21. Slide stops used to break, I got an email from a Tanfoglio Sponsored IPSC shooter and he claims 70,000 rounds on one pin. Been using these guns for 10 years, I've never broken one. Extractors in 9mm seem to last forever, I've never seen a cracked slide or frame, hopefully I don't jinx myself :-? When set up properly, good trigger pulls can be had, and I have my own modification I do to increase primer ignition, and have totally eliminated misfires with hard primers. Functionality of these guns require good ammunition, with correct spring weight to ensure good feeding and reliability. Thes guns could be more popular for practical shooting if more 'smiths built them and more big name shooters used them so other shooters would play 'follow the leader' like what happened with certain brands of high cap 1911's. Hope this helps.
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The only failures I have heard of was a friend had 3 barrels crack just in front of the lugs at the top. Two were EAA barrels, and one was a briley, all compensated. He feels it was due to his attempt to shoot 9x19 x 115 grn at major ( 175) PF, and once he went to 124 grn bullets the cracking stopped.

I also was told by Austin to replace the slide stop with a harder pin, but I dislike not having it hold open on the last round. I have a P-9 racegun that I shot minor ( ~2000 rds) with NO problems, but am switching to 135 gn bullets, 9.5 gn AA7 and it makes major, so I may find future problems.

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instead of worrying so much about failures, why not just ask how everyone likes their EAA's.........I have the Witness 10MM compact and it is one of my favorite handguns.....no failures to report and don't expect any.................
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I feel that Tanfoglio has made far more good ones than bad ones, but we all hear about Witness pistols doing all kinds of strange things. I want to hear of failures actually seen, not heard about on the gossip grapevine. I expect posting success stories would take up waaaaaay to much space. So let's continue to hear about failures, maybe there is a pattern.
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yeah, right....
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The only ones i saw were with 2 .40 S&W Witness'. Each one had a recoil springs that appeared to weak. They both had problems stripping rounds from the mag during firing. We replaced the springs did a little feed ramp work and they worked fine after. BTW, this was probably around '97 or '98.

To the poster that doesn't like to read about the failures of his pet pistol I would say that I like the topic and tone of this post. If you want to sing the praises and turn a blind eye to their shortcomings then start your own post. Sean
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loneeagle.....every manufacturer has shortcomings on their products, even glocks which glock owners hate to admit......and if you don't like what I wrote, you can always just scroll by the posting.........
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Lets keep this on topic without starting into a bashing war. I'll lock this if necessary.


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