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Trigger job on Cz 85 combat

I'm sure many have noticed the slight"camming back" of the hammer just before release on the CZ 85 combat and current CZ's in general. Has anyone had a trigger job that gave it a cleaner release such as on a 1911 or will you just get a nicer pull with the hammer still "camming back"?
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From what I understand the CZ has a two stage single action trigger. So a trigger job will give a nicer pull with the "camming" back will still be there. I am not sure about this and recommend that you PM Walt Sherrill as he gets trigger jobs on all of his CZs right out of the box and is better in answering your question. You may also want to search as I faintly remember the question being asked there as well.
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Camming is common but not necessary.

Miossi Gun Works, the owner of which participates on the CZ Forum, has left messages there about how to get rid of it, and offering to do trigger/action jobs without the camming. You might try visiting there, in both the "CLASSIFIED" area and in the "HOME GUNSMITHING AREA."
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The SA pull on a CZ-85 is basically like any trigger: the sear rotates and drags the sear face across the face of the hammer hook. On mine, I reduced the SA hammer hook slightly to get a shorter break. You can reduce the camming by slightly flattening the sear face angle. You could also put a secondary (relief) cut on it ala 1911 to get a sharper break. I did not mess with the sear in mine because the sear must be able to capture the safety notch on the hammer. Just by polishing and changing to a 16# hammer spring I got the SA pull on mine down to 3#.

For the record: the "camming" (rearward deflection of the hammer as the sear rotates) shows a more secure hammer capture. As camming is reduced, the sear gets more prone to being deflected forward and having the hammer fall to half cock as the gun cycles/
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Thanks for the specifics.
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The camming is completely removed on a proper action job. We change the angles on the sear face and hammer, the disconnector is also tuned. The geometry of the sear and hammer from the factory are not going to give you a good trigger with just a mainspring change. You need a jig made especially for the CZ sear and hammer. The trigger bar and frame ways need to be debured and polished also. A 3.5lbs crisp SA pull is attainable with a smooth DA pull. It takes up to 3 hours to do the job right, and the sear has very little room for metal removal and changing the angle so have a spare. The hammer hooks can be lowered and squared similar to a 1911.
Miossi Gun Works
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I've had my CZ 85 Combat for a couple years now. I had a trigger job done when I purchased it from my LGS. Never shot it before the trigger job.

It breaks clean and light. I'd guess it's about 3-4 lbs. I haven't messed with the trigger set screw much.

It now outshoots all my 9mm Sigs. I love it.

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