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Old 10-17-2004, 07:17 AM   #1
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9mm...CZ or Sig

I'm looking at getting a 9mm. The primary uses will be plinking and home defense. While I have a CCW, I don't routinely carry.

I fondled a Browning Pro 9 and Glock 17. I couldn't get them out of my hand fast enough, seemed very unbalanced and toy-like. Please save the flames -- you are entitled to your own opinion.

At a different shop I tried a Sig 220, Sig 226, Sig 229, CZ P01, and CZ 75B. Of those 4, I liked the 220 & 226 the least. The P01 was very attractive and felt great, but I'm not sure I want a decocker -- C&L seems a better way of going.

The 75B and 229 felt very similar. While I can afford the extra $200-300 for the Sig, why should I. I don't have a dealer around with a 75 Compact in stock, but seems to offer the best of both worlds.

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Old 10-17-2004, 08:44 AM   #2
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I vote for the CZ.

Please dont cross post the same thing across multiple forums. Thanks.
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If it's of some help I have both a 220 and a CZ85 Combat They are both outstanding.My 220 is a 9mm and has never had a hiccup. You mention that you may do some plinking. I bought the Combat for the adjustable sights which come in handy for range work not to mention the fact that the ambi controls suite my boys who are both southpaws. If you like C&L the CZ is the easy choice. It also has the lighter trigger if you do fire it double action for the first shot. The Sig single action trigger is a gem with less travel than the CZ. I should add the the CZ trigger is still very smooth though longer. I love both guns. The One weakness with the CZ at least in my limited experience is the mag spring. I've had the odd FTF as a result of tension loss after relativly few rounds fired (2-300). I've heard the same from others. Replace the spring and you have one of the best guns available for your indended purpose.
Old 10-17-2004, 05:21 PM   #4
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The quality of the guns is supurb in both cases. I would look at:

1) how much do you want to spend?
2) which do you prefer personally?

I don't think there is much of a mechinical difference between the two, and that a smart choice can be made based on which ever you like more.
Old 10-18-2004, 08:33 AM   #5
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I'd look too, at how they feel in your hand.

I love CZs, and have also had SIGs. I prefer CZs, but some folks find the LONG double-action trigger an issue with the CZ, and not with the SIGs.

(I bought a SIG P-239 once -- fine gun -- but found that it really didn't fit my hand. Even with after-market grips that were thicker, it tended to move around in my hand.)

Hands-on experience is hard to beat, when you're laying out money for a new gun.
Old 10-29-2004, 06:33 PM   #6
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If all goes well, I'm going to the range tomorrow with the winner .... the P-01!!!

I really hate having had the new toy for about a week without the time to go and play.
Old 11-27-2004, 01:29 PM   #7
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The PO1 is a very nice gun and in many peoples opinion is the best CZ made.....kinda the end of the evolutionary chain. Alot of work went into its development. Nice nice gun....its what I carry myself.
Shoot well..............
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I've just purchased a CZ85 combat and just love it. Haven't had a high cap 9 in about 25 years when I sold my High Power for a Gold cup. I also have 2 Sigs a P220(.45ACP) and a P229(.40 S&W/.357 SIG). The P220 is my home defense gun, it is a stamped slide West German model which makes it very light, both are 100% reliable and very accurate. My only complaint about either is that they are somewhat blocky in feel and that the P229 is heavy with it's stainless slide(necessary with the some what snappy 40 or 357 Sig rounds). In either case the P220 will remain my home defense gun as I prefer the 45ACP in a da/sa configuration for that purpose. All that being said, I find the svelt feel and natural pointability of the 85 combat to be right on at the range, even with its gritty trigger, which will be remedied by getting an factory action job at some point, I still shoot some very impressive groups, especially double action. Would have loved to buy a Shadow target but that was out of my budget, so was a High Power. I feel the CZ is a better fit in my hand than either of my Sigs or my old High Power for that matter.

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