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CZ 52

I have seen the conversion kits for the CZ-52 to go from 30 Tok to 9mm para.What would be the difficulties in re chambering the 9mm barrel to 38 Super and what other modifications to the pistol and magazines would be required?
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I havent done Im shooting from the hip. I dont think there would be a problem for either 9x2? or 38 Super....the mags are long enough in relation to using the OEM Tok mags. The extractor is the only would have to match up.
I know their are 9mm largo conversions for them also. The kit states not to use 9x21 in place of largo.......duh.
The pressures created by the original Tok round are very high so I dont think That part of the equation is a problem........
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7.62 tok is cheap ammo, plus you can run 223timbs 223Timbs , my friend joseph developed this round before running off and joining the Army.

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That may be a record for bringin back a thread or resurrectin a thread or whatever it is called.....For that Matter My .224 Zipperer out runs a Boz (2500fps from a 5in. barreled 1911) and is an easy swap back to 9mm , 38Super, 9x23 0r what ever You started with.....Havein several of the Toks as They are bein called here I like the idea or the 223 Timbs , wonderin what grain bullet and what FPS .....Is that some of the Remington Accelerator sabots or did the inventor come up with His own

Wild Bill

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