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valor1 01-26-2005 09:10 PM

What to look for in buying a used CZ75?
I'm thinking of buying a used Cz75B pistol from a friend of a friend. It is in black finish and owner said it was used for around 400 rounds only. What do I need to check to assure that it is a good specimen? Thanks for all your inputs.

Eric Larsen 01-27-2005 08:12 AM

Well its just a gun.....look for barrel/frame/slide fit...the barrel should be very tight in the slide on both ends. The frame/slide fit may have a slight amount of movement but not alot. The riflings in the barrel should be sharp and the bore should be shiney chrome.......
A well taken care of gun will be stored and shown clean....if its not well oiled and clean.....it may be iffy.
The trigger should be smooth and consitant.......a little bit of roughness is kinda normal for some CZ's..it will go away while shooting the gun.
Make sure the safety functions as it should.....only works with the hammer cocked and wont allow the trigger or slide to work.

Check out the gun.....demand all of the Hi Cap mags he has, say 10-12 of them.....a case of ammo and then try and get it for 250$.......:D

Hope that helps...........Shoot well.

valor1 01-27-2005 09:12 PM

Excellent. Thanks Eric. I tried the trigger and everything else. It turned out okey. Will be shooting it soon.

Eric Larsen 01-29-2005 06:52 AM

Shooting the gun is the ONLY way to really see what your buying. Its good you get the chance to do so. Take a buddy who outshoots you and get a 2nd opinion.......it never hurts.
Shoot well...........

schmeky 04-24-2010 03:22 PM

The highest wear point on a CZ pattern pistol occurs at the top of the barrel. Finish wear in this area is, of course, normal. With the gun unloaded, lock the slide back, and feel the top of the barrel. On a true low mileage CZ, you should not be able to feel any wear.

My SP-01 has thousands of rounds and has wear in this area, but the way a CZ is built, this is compensated for to a point. A CZ will go many tens of thousands of rounds with only recoil spring and mag spring replacements. Get that CZ and enjoy it! Here's my 2 high round count CZ's:

JohnnyT 05-04-2010 03:09 AM

As with any Colt-Browning tilt-barrel short recoil design...inspect the upper barrel lug(s) for any sign of bad drop timing and rearward deformation of the upper lugs that would increase headspace. Flanged, rolled or radiused top corners at the front is a red flag. The barrel isn't being pulled clear of the slide in time for the slide to move past it when the barrel stops its rearward travel. Lugs with straight setback deformation is indication that the gun has seen a lot of use...possibly with overloaded ammunition.

Check for sufficient upper lug vertical engagement. There should be at least 80% vertical engagement.

Inspect the breechface adjacent to the main body if the slide...in the corners...for any sign of a crack. Even the tiniest indication. It will necessarily have to be clean, and you'll need a strong penlight for that. ikewise, check for a crack on the outside, at the rear left side of the ejection port adjacent to the breechface. These are recoil stress cracks, and indicate that a quantity of overloaded ammunition has been fired in the gun.

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