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CZ45 Blues

Hello, Everyone. Long time listener, first time caller.

About a year ago I wound up with a neat little CZ45, a small DAO .25 acp sadly banned from US import by GCA68. I've wanted one for me "Cold War" collection and hey, having a classic, tiny hideaway is never really a bad thing, right?

Problem is, it arrived with what the seller described as an ill-fitting magazine. Turns out, it was a mag for the Beretta Jetfire. No prob, I had one o'those too. But that began the search for a working magazine (darn hard to find, BTW and quite pricey for a tiny bit o'sheet metal). I found one at, IIRC, a gun show. It's after-market and reportedly made by Triple K. Feeding is less than stellar. Even hand-cycling, FMJ rounds nose-dive on the feed ramp unless there are only 3 rounds or less in the magazine.

With no luck, I turned to Triple K and after paying and waiting for their next production run, two new mags arrived yesterday. Their floor-plates are slightly smaller than the one I had, but they seem otherwise identical. Once more, though, if I have more than 3 or 4 rounds in either magazine (capacity is 8) I can't even get it to run via hand-cycling. Same problem with FMJ rounds nose-diving into the feed ramp. I've tried Remingtons and Aquila ammo to no avail. I've got a few Hornady JHPs around here I might try, but the rounds don't seem out of spec. All feed fine in my 1908 Colt Vest Pocket Hammerless .25.

Before I try anything silly like polishing the feedramp on a vintage and difficult to replace pistol, does anyone have any ideas what I can try to fix the problem. If it was just one of the mags, I'd consider them to be the cause, but all three?

I like collectible pistols I can SHOOT, darn it. Drive me NUTS when one doesn't work until I fix it. Therefore, any helpful advice is deeply appreciated.

Quick Post Script: I also tried a mag from my wife's Protec .25 an ... um ... [cough] "inexpensive" [cough] US made copy of the CZ45 (she has a collection of tiny guns). No luck there, either, same problem.

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it looks a lot

like a Colt 1908 .25 acp, magazine...

I have a Colt 1908 .25 acp and a Schmeisser Number 1 .25 acp; surprisingly the magazines can interchange!
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Originally Posted by CeltKnight View Post
... Even hand-cycling, FMJ rounds nose-dive on the feed ramp unless there are only 3 rounds or less in the magazine. ...
The first thing I would do is check how high the mag sits in the well. Do the feed lips just clear the ejector? Or is there maybe an eighth of an inch?

The next thing I would do is slightly (and carefully) round over the fronts of the feed lips by rolling them on a block of wood. Of course I can't see how you mags are made; hope there's enough material to do this. If so it would take some experimentation to get this right.

As cwo4uscgret suggested you might try different mags.

Does the Jetfire not work or does it merely need minor modification?
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Thanks for the replies!

The Jetfire mag did not actually work at all. Shame, too as I have four of them (so if I ever need to do an awesome tactical, high speed, low drag, He-Man shoot'em up with my Jetfire, I'm all set LOL).

I'll check how high the mag sits shortly and see what I can find out.

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