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FWIW, I understand from DW that all of their 1911 slides/frames are American-made.
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I am not speculating, nor am I starting rumors. I CLEARLY stated that it is MY opinion based on my limited experience. Read my post before you get all excited. If you notice, I started the post by ASKING the question. I have stated nothing but my opinion. Just relax and take a deep breath.
Best to all,
Jeffro (Jeff)
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Originally Posted by Jeffro
My minimal experience has led me to believe (MY OPINION ONLY) that when they are so secretive or circumspect, that usually means PHILLIPINES MANUFACTURE!!!!!!! :evil:
Jeffro (Jeff)
Originally Posted by Jeffro
I am not speculating, nor am I starting rumors. I CLEARLY stated that it is MY opinion based on my limited experience. Read my post before you get all excited....Jeffro (Jeff))
In my book stating strong opinion based upon limited experience IS CLEARLY speculation. And then when someone jumps to claims of "secretive" and "circumspect", and "Phillipines mfg." in all caps with several !!!'s, followed by the "evil" emoticon, this seems to me to be CLEARLY more than just an innocent question. Hey, we are all entitled to our opinion, and I don't mean to come across too harshly, but please remember that speculation on the internet which is clearly false tends to quickly get out of hand. Your claim/question here made it all the way to another forum and to DW itself in a heartbeat! No sense damaging anyone's reputation if it can be avoided. Hope you understand.
Old 04-24-2004, 12:31 AM   #15
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If the questions asked do not bring forth clear-cut, definite answers, then speculation is not "clearly false". I am only asking if anyone has facts, and not vague answers.
Why don't we just drop the whole topic, since I have obviously touched on sensitivities. I did not set out to malign anyone, just to get some straight, direct answers, if they are out there.
Just for the record, I did not say, nor am I saying that I have any information one way or the other.......... Just that I was seeking clear answers. I am very sorry that offense was taken.

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The answers are out there better get Scully and Mulder on the case. :lol:
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No offense taken Jeff. As was said by Parker Dean and myself, DW uses 3 different suppliers for their 1911 slides and frames, both forged and cast. ALL of these are American suppliers and all products are American made. NONE of the suppliers are Phillipino. Technically, since the suppliers furnish only raw cores, and DW does all the machining and applies the Serial Numbers, Dan Wesson IS the manufacturer of all these components. Didn't think this came across as "vague".

Again, none of my statements have been personal. Please understand that, as a moderator here, I have certain responsibilities, which include rumor control. If it makes you feel better, I'll call it rumor pre-emption. This policy is not open to debate. Take care.
Old 05-13-2004, 04:38 PM   #18
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Mr. Severns,
I am not a stubborn man........... although my wife would beg to differ! If you all say the Dan Wessons are good........... I believe to the extent that I will give one a try.
I have been searching their site and the "marketplace", and can't find what I want in the Dan Wesson, but I sense that it might be out there. I am looking for an all steel (preferably blued), 5-inch, .38 Super that is a more "basic" gun ( meaning less expensive) than the one that fits my description but lists for +/- $900 from Dan Wesson. I called them, but couldn't get past the receptionist, and she said that she only knows of the one that has a MSRP of about $900. I want a "knock-around" .38 Super, and because of the enthusiasm I have seen in this section of the site, I am wanting to try a Dan Wesson............. but don't want to put out that much for a "knock-around".
Does anybody out there know if I am chasing shadows or if the animal for which I am searching does exist? Please advise.
Thank you in advance for any and all assistance.
Best to all,
Jeffro (Jeff)
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38 Super just is not very popular. I think Armscor is marketing a 38 Super in the Government model platform. It is a cast steel receiver and small parts, the slided might be bar stock and I have heard that the barrels are not of high quality, but they are supposed to be cheap, say around $400. How about Springfield Armory. I know they were making a nickel plated Government model, but that might be a bit on the high dollar side for a knock around gun.
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Check this www.danwessonfirearms.com/1911kits.htm
I've ordered one in 10mm

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