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Sell Me On A Dan Wesson Revolver


I am looking at purchacing a new 0.357 Magnum revolver in the next 6 months or so, purely for target shooting. After considering all the Major players, I have kind of settled on the S&W 686, becuse the triggers can be tuned nicely, it's easy to find parts, and smiths for them, I can get the performance center to install a grooovy barrel shroud with weights....etc. etc.

However, I can't seem to rule out Dan Wesson just yet, because their revolvers seem to have features that are far and above that of S&W, with their intrinsically accurate, interchangable barrels, strong cylinderforward locking mechanisum, interesting lockwork, short trigger, and no grip frame. Plus their quality right now (only time will tell with the CZ aquisition) seems higher than that of S&W, as if no (or less) work is required to get a Dan Wesson to be a top notch competitive piece. And it doesn't hurt that they are easy on the eyes.

So my questions are:
- What does the trigger feel like on a Dan Wesson?
- Can the trigger be tuned to be as nice as a S&W in double and single action?
- What is thier quality like?
- What is thier durability?
- What is it like finding aftermarket parts and accesories for them?
- Is the barrel really as accurate as I have heard?
- Is there anything else you want to tell me?

I guess that should do for now...

Thanks guys.
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My DW revolver experience ended long ago when I traded away my 15-2, that was a day that I still regret. Anyway, the newer DW's have forged (or milled from bar stock) hammer and trigger and are easier to smith if needed. The old DW's used sintered steel (the precursor to MIM) and were given a thin case hardening, so if you filed and polished you might go through the hard surface and expose soft metal. I understand that the new hammer and trigger can be fitted in place of the old sintered parts.

Anyway, the trigger on mine wasn't bad. The single action, as I recall, was scary crisp and reasonably light, much better than a Ruger and very close to a S&W or Colt in feel. The double action was a bit heavy, but the stroke was very short. All in all mine was a great gun, I just didn't realize what I was parting with when I traded it.
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Thanks for the reply.

They are definatly something different. I'll let you know if I buy one of the new ones. Yeah MIM is a touchy issue for some, I am all for advancement, and cheaper manufactuing techniques, so long at quality does not take a dive, and the savings are passed onto me. :roll:
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I have an "old" DW(Molson??)! I love it,wouldn't trade it or sell it. If you know what you want ,you might try going to a gun show & ck. out the used DW's .The used ones(not a lot,guys who have them don't let them go) are usually for sale at low prices!! Me! I'm looking for another one to go with the one I have. Mine is a blued 15 ,4"!
Good Luck,
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mine not so great

My first edition supermag was a huge disapointment. It was not right when I received it (new from DW) and it wasnt right when they sent it back under warranty. After much work ON MY OWN it was a good gun but KNOW THIS: THEIR SERVICE, CALL BACKS, RESPOINSE FROM E-MAILS ETC IS UN-RESPONSIVE before CZ and now.

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