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Dan Wesson 15-2 Problem

First post and Hi to all !
I have a DW 15-2 serial number 1670xx from Monson. It has an issue that's driving me crazy. The trigger will sometimes hang up at the rear of the guard and will only release if you rock the cylinder or "play" with the hammer. The trigger lock back can be induced sometimes by keeping pressure on the cylinder against the direction of rotation when the hammer is released. The gun is in overall very good shape except for this one devastating quirk. I had been contemplating selling the barrels and pieces off before I found this site today. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction to fix it.
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Welcome to Pistolsmith.com! Just a WAG but does the trigger stick when you dry fire with the cylinder open? From what you describe with the cylinder, the hand may be dragging and/or sticking on the cylinder ratchet. If it only does it with the cylinder closed, it may be the hand/ratchet.
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There are any number of causes, and without having the gun in hand it's hard to make a diagnosis. Mr. Berryhill asks a very good question: does it happen with the cylinder open?

If not, I'd suspect a rough hand. The hand has a bevel cut on the front, and causes the hand to cam backwards as it travels downward when the trigger resets. If that bevel is rough (and an awful lot of them are), it will catch on the ejector (star/ratchet) surface and hang the action. Solution is to remove the hand and polish the bevel smooth. This is a pretty common problem.

If it still does this with the cylinder open, it's possible to have a broken hand spring, a binding cylinder stop, a trigger return spring that isn't seated properly, an excessively rough transfer bar...well, I think you get the idea.

Try the test mentioned, and get back to us.
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Thanks for the replies and especially for pointing me towards a couple things to look at.
I cannot get the trigger to lock back with the cylinder open by pulling the trigger. Some pressure against the hand towards the firing pin will cause the trigger to hang up until the pressure is released. It doesn't take much pressure to hang it up.
I started marking the cylinder with a Sharpie pen when the mechanism locked up. Most often on two chambers and occasionally on two others when counter rotation pressure is applied when the hammer is released.
Ideas where to go from here ? I am pretty familiar by now with the internal parts of this revolver.
I checked the cylinder alignment with a range rod and that seemed fine on all six chambers.

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