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Serious problem..updated but still serious 15-2

I just bought a dan wesson 15-2 last week and am having some trouble

After about the 80th shot of federal .38+P the trigger pull doubled in weight and the revolver went out of time.

Here is my problem
When the cylinder is opened the trigger will cycle perfectly but when the cylinder is back in place it will not cycle and the trigger will stay back or the hammer wont catch. When i pull the trigger slightly to let the cylinder rotate freely it seems to drag on 2 cylinders.
Also when closed i can push the cylinder back open from the left side
without using the release.
Sounds like im screwed.
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Old 03-22-2007, 07:47 AM   #2
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Don't give up yet as there is probably a sloution. As long as the frame of your gun is intact it is probably repairable parts are available from Numrich Gun Parts who has an online diagram of this revolver. The Dan Wesson company that built is long gone BUT it is still around under new ownership and supplies parts and repairs. If you are adventurous you could disassemble it by removing the side plate with an allen wrench and between examining the rear of the cylinder and the workings you will very likley see the problem. If you decide you don't want to repair it you could sell the parts on Ebay and recover some of your money or sell it "as is". If you decide the latter I would make you an offer but it would not be much sight unseen. Gunbroker is a good site to sell with BUT I think if you remain patient and stick with it you will end up with a great gun - Hang in there!!!!!!!
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Without seeing it I can only surmise, but there are a couple of things that spring to mind (literally.)

The most common is when the rebound spring has "jumped track" from it's groove on the trigger. The other is a broken hand spring (also quite common.)

Either will require you to take the sideplate off and inspect.
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Before you tear the gun apart check your cylinder to barrel gap.

This same thing happened to me a while back. I had the gap set too small and when the gun heated up the cylinder would rub on the barrel.

Just something to check.

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Clean the front of the cylinder.

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