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How good are Dan Wesson Revolvers?

I´m allready have a Python (6") is a lovely revolver. I shoot ISSF Center Fire matches with it, (I know, thera are more moder pistols for this match).

I´m planning to buy a used .357, possible a Colt. but a don´t know how good are the Dan Wesson revolvers. I´m planing to shoot defense drills but It seems to be oriented for hunting.

I have never see a combat model of this make
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Have only fired one DW briefly long time ago. It had a 2-1/2" fixed barrel and concealment grips. DA pull was short and felt different from Smiths, Colts, and maybe even Rugers and Charters.

DWs were designed to have a "short fall hammer arc" which equates to shorter lock time. Back in the day, this was deemed a major advantage in SA target work and I think most people preferred to shoot SA even in self defense, using DA only when there wasn't time to cock the hammer and aim. Also the DW design permits much greater latitude in stocking. A large blank was even available from the factory to shape yourself for your own hand.

The front latching lock and especially the "switch barrel" design made these guns more inherently accurate when barrels were properly installed. The torque locking of barrels on other revolvers sometimes causes a slight bulge inside the bore where the shoulder abuts the frame. One might not be able to see this but slugging the barrel might indicate it. For many years DWs were among the most preferred guns of the metallic silhouette crowd.

Someone told me the earliest guns with the exposed barrel nut tended to break internal parts in hard use, but this had long been remedied by the time the shrouded barrel nuts, etc. came into service.

As to SD use, if one finds the DA pull and the ejector rod end acceptable, the only other consideration would be the cyl latch location depending on one's speed reloading technique(s) IMO.

One other advantage of the later model switch barrel shrouds is the interchangeability of the front sights.
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I have a DW with the 21/",4" & 6" barrels. If you get one make sure it states Molson Mass.on the gun(it was the best).You will find it will outshoot your Python or Smith at whatever distance you choose.THE 21/4 & 4"is great for SD.Any questions you may have about the DW I will try to ans.I love mine!
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Thanks Jim!

I just buy one. It is made at Monson, 6" barrel, and pachmayr grips. Not blue at all, but not pitted.

How can I soften the triger?

Where can I buy an used 3 or 4" barrel?


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