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Looking for advice, suggestions, whatever

My post would probably be more appropriate in a general discussion forum but I didn’t see one on this site so decided to post here. Anyway, here goes.

My wife and I are moving permanently to South America next spring so I am now in the process of disposing of everything I’ve accumulated in my 66 years on this planet. Surprisingly, the prospect of giving up my guns is turning out to be the most gut-wrenching. I haven’t shot much in recent years, mostly due to arthritis, but I still like to take the guns out, hold them, and think of days gone by. What I’m involved in now is trying to place a value on the guns and determining the best way to sell them. I’m new to internet gun sites but have spent lots of hours this past week looking at the auction sites and discussion sites such as this one looking for answers, and am amazed at the apparent inconsistency in prices. I’ve focused so far on my pistols….. a Dan Wesson 15-2, Colt frontier scout, Ruger Mark II standard, and Colt SSA and still don’t have any idea what a fair market price would be. I know I could list them on an auction site and see what happens, but frankly I’m a bit intimidated by the rules and regulations of the auction process, and also don’t like the idea of not knowing who I’m selling to.

Is there one (or several) respected sources I can consult to determine realistic values? Am I being too cautious about listing on the auction sites? I’d appreciate any comments.
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For myself, I usually look at GunBroker for a "reasonable" market price. Otherwise, you can purchase a "Blue Book of Gun Values" that will put you in the general ball park for pricing. As far as advertising, I'd try the local wantads or post them on GunBroker. Wantads only reach a certain amount of folks, but GunBroker will really reach out to a lot!!!!

Hope this helps.
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Oh.............I forgot..........PistolSmith has a site here for items to be sold also. And if you wanted to, you could ask the value of each on the different name brand specific areas here.........
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Thanks T&T…. I’ve checked Gunbrokers.com offers against most of my pistols and each of them has a wide range. For example, a 1959 Colt Frontier Scout is listed anywhere from $299 - $725 and I see no appreciable difference between them. I did notice that there are no bids on the vast majority, so I’m assuming that they are overpriced. As for placing an advertisement in the local paper, I’m deep in the boonies in Northern Wisconsin where the local paper quickly becomes an outhouse item. Thanks again for the response.
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Appraisals and pricing

Ramses, I sell many different firearms for clients and the first thing I tell them, just as you have been told is to check with GunBroker, the next thing I advise is to cue to auctions ending soonest and look for actual sales and the prices that are actually being paid for the item you are interested in selling.
Sometimes I have to show the client the reality of what their firearm is worth without the emotion. Sometimes I have advised them to take the firearm home and store it until the future when the value should rise.
Other times the client still wants to sell their firearm and I assist them in that.
I personally believe that if you watch what is selling and what is not and for how much it is a much better indicator of the fiscal fitness of the average person than the indicators the gov't uses.
Good luck on your sales and move.
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There is a book of gun values out there and that is a place to start then if you choose to go the auction route at gunbroker.com or gunsamerica.com set a starting bid at the least you would be willing to take for it and go form there. If you get no bids at least you won't get ripped off. As to your concern about who you would be selling to: First it is refreshing to see anybody being responsibe in this day and age!! I don't know if you are concerned about the guns being taken care of or the legal ramifications of a gun sale so I will try to address both. As for finding a "good home" for them unfortunately the only thing you can do is hope for the best. From a legal standpoint you will not be selling directly to an individual because you can't legally ship to an individual. You must ship to a someone who holds a federal firearms licence and they must verify the identity of the purchaser, and call the BATF who will check the criminal backround of the purchaser - if the purchaser does not pass the check the dealer will not give the purcheser the gun. Even if you do a face to face sale you would be wise to have the sale go thru a dealer who will do this check and have the purchaser fill out the yellow form. You should be able to find a dealer who will do this for about $20. The auction sites have lists of dealers who do this in every state. I would make you an offer if you had anything I was interested in - sorry I can't help more.

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