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I am not sure which ammo your department uses but mine uses good tactical ammo and there is very little if any noticeable flash at night. Not enough to ruin any night vision. The muzzle flash hider on the military weapons was also if not more so to hide it from the enemy not just protect the Soldier. We use Federal HydroShock, Winchester Rangers, and CCI Gold Dot and you can't tell a difference in muzzle flash with the compensated models at all and there all together is really no flash to speak of in the first place. If you shoot good quality tactical ammo either model will do fine. You mess your night vision up more with a flashlight at night than you will with a handgun. 8)
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The only full-power ammo that has been bright in the last 10 years for me
was Mag-Safe .45acp Super-Swat 46grainers (alleged 2,400fps)-they
burned the paper target I was shooting at! My 10mm Carry-Comp is no
different than my regular 10's with any 'name-brand' ammo. Most, if not all,
of the big ammo makers have been using flash-suppressed powder for their
premium lines-which is what most people would use for carry ammo anyway.
I've shot many a night shoot with no difficulties other than as specwes said
other peoples flashlights and reflections from said flashlights.
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My dept. issued glock 22C for duty use. I also carry the on gun M-3 light. Being a night officer for the past 8 years I have not had a problem with it harming my night vision.. but results will very..

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I used to own a glock 20, and traded for a 20 c . It makes a difference if u care about recoil, but then i shoot alot . And night vision is no issue cause after first shot its gone anyway so, it dont matter get what feels good but 9mm compensated is a waste of money . Get at least a 40 sw , 45acp, or a 10mm .
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Noisy, sure. It does make a big difference though, IMO. I have a 19c. My cousin has a 19, and shooting them side-by-side, you can definitely tell a difference. My 19c is about the best semi-auto I can think of to start people on centerfire semi-autos. Good grip size for most people, and shoots so light & flat it's a joke.
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i like the 9 mm glocks too, glocks original chambering was 9mm , if a comp helps on a 9mm why not get it ,its just slightly louder .i have a g 26 too.the 20 c was my only compensated mdl.
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Here goes my virginity! Old thread, but, this information might still be useful:

First, a compensated barrel is NOT the same thing as a ported barrel - OK. Second, Glock's factory-stock, 'slide porting' stinks! (And that's not just my opinion.) You're going to be much better off with an extended and muzzle-ported barrel - The type that Lone Wolf Distributors sells.

Some internet gun myths die hard. A compensator on a centerfire rifle is loud; a muzzle-ported Glock pistol is (usually) not anymore loud than what you might expect to hear from a centerfire pistol. (Why is this a problem? Everybody wears hearing protection, nowadays, anyway - Right!)

The only, 'loud' Glock I know is one that's been customized to shoot 45 Super - That's loud in anybody's book! I've been shooting Glocks with extended barrels and muzzle-ports for more than 10 years. Daytime, nighttime, it doesn't matter. Ain't never lost my night vision; maybe once out of, something like, 10,000 rounds I felt a little powder splatter against my face; and the sound is no louder than might be expected. (I've had guys, standing next to me, firing 44 Magnums who made a heck of a lot more noise than I did!)

The benefits to muzzle-porting? Less muzzle rise, less front-sight picture disruption, and faster split times. If I were to guesstimate the amount of recoil reduction I get from my muzzle-ported Glocks, I'd say it runs in a range from 8 to 12 percent. That advertising picture Glock has of their slide-ported barrel - the one with the tremendous burst of flame exploding in the air - was taken while using black powder. In real life that isn't going to happen.

Firing a pistol at night isn't going to destroy your night vision; two or three shots might degrade your night vision; but, it's not going to be, 'destroyed'. Whenever I shoot at night, or in a darkened room, I don't even notice a change in my vision. Some rounds flash and some don't; but it's not like, 'looking into the sun'. If muzzle flash worries you then select self-defense ammo that's advertised as, 'low, or reduced, flash'.

9mm Glock Model 19(RTF2) http://img638.imageshack.us/img638/5636/g191.jpg
45 ACP Glock Model 21 (Gen3) http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/2788/glockg216.jpg

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