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Milt Sparks Summer Special II, it'll carry your Glock comortably IWB if you buy your pants 2 sizes larger. Same same with a 1911, although you might not have to buy new pants unless you already have too much waist in the waistband like me.
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When Grandpaw was carryin' His Colt Model P 44 Special in His Starched an Ironed Kakies He'd leave the loadin' gate open to keep it where He wanted it and to keep it from fallin' on through...when He wore overalls He had a leather band on the inside a little above His waist

Daddy knew Burns or Martin or both from Burns Martin , holster makers in the 30s and later over in Mississippi , maybe Yazoo Mississippi , He always had some of their nice rigs , He favored shoulder rigs....Guess I take somewhat after Grandpaw...I favor mexicano carry

Wild Bill
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Wink I do this; to each his own..

I carry a full size pistol for personal defense, auto or revolver. My choice of autos turned out to be the Glock 20C, 10mm. I still feel very safe and secure carrying a "good" .357 which as it stands now, is a Ruger GP-100 4". This particular revolver has not been completed due to favoring the 10mm cartridge for now. It has most of what I consider proper modifications, but not all, so it rides as a "working" work in progress.

I do not alter my choice of weapon nor its configuration for the sake of any mode of concealed carry regardless of weather or other environmental issues. I wear my gun in a good sturdy strong side belt holster and spare ammo in mags or speed loaders on the off side. This is what I train with. This what I do 100% of the time. This is what I did for the years before I got into LE as a Deputy Sheriff, Patrol and it is what have continued to do through the years that I have been out of LE. I have never "missed" my gun during a forced draw and have never fumbled a draw or suffered an awkward and dangerous presentation of my weapon when it was required to do so at speed. I wear a light weight "safari" type vest in summer and carry a hankerchief if I perspire a bit much because of it.

I have a regular draw, present and reload drill that I run dry for training, then run the same drill live under time for verification. Sometimes to add stress, I run speed drills shooting through the cab of my truck (with drivers and passengers side windows rolled down) to increase the pressures of stress. I used to use my patrol car for the same purpose and was once watched performing top speed head shot drills by the Sheriff of Island County. Bud understood what was at stake and let me train my way!

I would like to be finished setting this GP-100 up for DA gunfight work by fall. The Ruger revolvers come a bit rough, but they dress up for a Ball real nice!

One more thing. Firearms fail at some point or another, that is a certainty. We pray that such things occur only while we are attempting to bring such a piece to as near to operational perfection as possible on the training grounds. Compromise anywhere in self defense = RISK. Why add to it?

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