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Trading In My Kimber for a Glock 22 --- or Maybe an HK USP

I'm in the process of selling my Kimber (Custom Eclipse II). The Kimber turned out to be a $1000 mistake. It will soon be behind me. I may be confirming the obvious here, but my goal is to take the funds from my Kimber sale and use it to buy something that 1) has high capacity 2) is dependable 3) I can possibly carry and 4) great for home protection. The #22 seems to fit all 4 criterions. So why am I even asking, right? Here is my dilemma... besides being anal... I own a Glock 36 and have had 2 smoke stacks (out of about 500 - 600 rounds through it). My Springfield XD40 and HK USP Compact (9mm) never had a hiccup. The HK probably has 1100 rounds through it while the XD40 has about 300 through it. The Kimber is gone because... let's just say I could never trust it. While I really want the #22, wouldn't it be worthwhile for me to go with what has worked for me personally and get the HK USP in a .40? I'm drawn to the #22 because of the 15 + 1. If the HK USP 40 was 15 + 1, I think I'd have a better idea of what to do. Any similar dilemmas, opinions and / or experiences out there?
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Go with what makes you comfortable. High-cap is not as important as hitting the target and lets just hope you never have to run which ever one you choose dry. The H&K is an excellent weapon and one I used for like 5 years before I went to Glock. No problems except the company that hates its customers. Glock 22's are a super weapon and well suited for any defensive needs from a handgun. You can't go wrong with either. If you could go to the Kimber Forum and post on my string what problems you had with your Kimber. I would like to know. 8)
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I don't need to say anything, just read my signature line.
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Well said Cope!!! Still one of those classic unique lines.
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I've heard of a few failure-to-feed problems with the G-36. None with the other models. Don't know why the little single-stack pistol is doing this. The 22 is the same basic gun as the model 17 and they are reliable beyond compare.
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I am not saying that your limp wristing but I think that the way the model is designed that balance is off and it is more prone to have that happen even when you have a firm platform. I have had one in the past and you really need to hang on and have a high grip to maintain a good platform. 8)
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I own both the Glock 22 and a HK usp9 full size. Both are excellent weapons! I just left a message praising my USP in the HK forum on its finish. Me personally, it would honestly depend on intended use. While the USP is more accurate in my hands, I would def go with the G22 for CCW. My Glock seems more "pointable" and also has a lower bore axis comparable to a USP or SIG. That makes it a little bit easier for me to carry. Also, there is no nonsense about with a safety on a glock. Its DAO ensures that if the situation does arise that you have to defend yourself, you do not have to snag with a manual safety. Those milliseconds could make or break you in that sort of situation.
I know here in PA the State use a DAO Beretta 96, and the majority of Municipal police use Glock 22's.
But as other people have stated, go with what feels the most comfortable to you.
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Well, i had a 36 glock and it was so thin , to make skinny if i gipped it too tight it jammed too loose i limp wristed it is is gone i got a 26 , its thicker and grip dont matter. In self defence i never trusted thinking of my grip. I think shot placement is better than caliber . And if ammo so high you will never practice anyway, so you will suck . 10 mm or 45 acp miss is worse than a 9mm vital shot anyway. Get a gun you can control , i shoot weekly and believe this . My two pennies anyway.
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I'd say shoot each of them first....before deciding which is best for you.

Otherwise, G22, trigger job (smoothing) with 3.5 Ghost Ultimate, Wolf action spring pac, Sprinco Recoil Reduction System, Ext Mag Release (beveled/de-burred), stippled mag pads...and grip unless you get the newest generation, and a small mag well.

Ultra reliable!

If'n concealed carry wasn't mixed in, I'd suggest the above with the G35.
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Carrying a concealed Glock 17/22 is feasable with the right holster rig. But if you land on a Glock 35, it has the same overall length as a 1911. I hear tell that lots of hands have figured out how to conceal a 1911 inside the waistband.

My son in law carries his department issued 22 in a Minotaur IWB off duty. One day, he stuck his 34 in the holster and covered it with his Tee shirt. Said he could not remember which one he was carrying after a few minutes.

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