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Can Glock become a race gun...can it compete with 1911's

Given the time and money can the Glock be built to compete with a 1911 full race gun (38super) in OPEN division

Any info would be appreciated?

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My belief would be that the 1911's crispy tuned trigger is the one advantage over a Glock that can't quite be overcome. Whether that's enough edge depends on many factors, including the nature of the match and the person pulling the trigger.
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There are guys out there that can be competitive.

Consider this though,,,,for what you'll spend in getting an open Glock up and running,,,,,you'll probably be in the vicinity of what you can get a good used open gun that was built on a 1911 platform.

I've ran the numbers and it comes out close enough to think about,,,,,,my opinion. Are you a member of USPSA? If so, check out the members classified section,,,,,some good deals out there.

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There are a couple of shops that are doing some really cool stuff with glocks to make them race in open division..with 9mm Major the G17 and G34 are viable to use as a base gun..

You can get a really nice ( for glock ) triggers, light ( around 2 pounds) short takeup and short reset..given the could be done and you can compete... ... GlockB.htm ... GlockC.htm
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There are good deals to be found if one looks and is not in a hurry for a used 1911. That was not the question though.

Yes, and if all you are talking about is a a good trigger, comped bbl, sights, and a magwell it will cost less by far than a used 1911.

38Super is to long to use in the small framed Glocks. Some opt for 9x21, 40 or going to the large framed Glocks/calibers.

The Glock can peform if the shooter can.

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I do not think a Glock will ever be a nationals winner in the open class.
Old 02-06-2005, 11:20 AM   #7
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I could.

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I think the cost is closer than a lot of guys think,,,,,I know what the question was....

A lot of guys,,,,and I was one of them, either did or thought long and hard about building open glocks. By the time I ran the numbers for what I wanted to build for just a smidge more, I could get a used STI, SVI, Or Caspian built by a known pistolsmith.

Say you get into a G17 used cheap...say $300.

Add about $275 or so for a comped factory barrel,,,,more if you want a custom comp.

Add about $75.00 or so for a optics mount,,,,$250 or so for a Cmore,,,,or just add what about $300 for a Docter.

$160.00 for about 4 basepads, and about $80.00 for 4 high caps if you don't already have them, $50.00 or so for a magwell. DIY trigger job/parts,,,,pretty cheap,,,,,, but if you have a named smith do it, you could spend up to $150.00 to $200 or so.

I didn't mention a caspian slide,,,,you can get started without, but in the long run that's what I would have wanted on my open Glock so that would have been a bit more money.

Above, you're looking at about $1,200 to $1,500 depending on if you have a smith do your trigger work, if you stick with the factory or go with an aftermarket slide eventually, and what you do with your comp.

Used Caspians come up on's classified sight with mags in that range above quite often. For a bit more you can get a used STI/SVI either from a factory or from a smith.

In the end,,,,,if you ever want to upgrade/sell, you'll get more of your money out of the 1911 platform.

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Yes it can be done, I have been doing it since 1998. In the end a well built 1911 will be more capable but the shooter in more important than the gun.
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YES! is the simple answer. First, anyone who follows shooting sports has undoubtedly herd of Dave Sevingy, who has beat the likes of Rob Letham with his mostly stock Glock 34. That said the Glock can be customized to a high enough degree so as to compete with the 1911. I have a Glock 35 right now that has about a 2.5lb triggerpull while not a crisp as a comprable 1911 it is still very fast and I did it my self. Some other items to note about the glock vs the 1911. Most competition ready 1911s will cost around $2,000 or Considerably more without optics! A brand new Glock 35 will cost no more than $550 and the parts to work on glocks are way cheaper and if you are patient you can do most of the work yourself as opposed to the 1911 where you have to have a gunsmith do it.

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