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You can hold it as loose as you want and it may still have a solid enough platform to function properly against. If the entire lower receiver is allowed to move rearward freely AS the upper is also trying to move, it will malfunction. If you suspend your Glock by strings tied so that the slide can freely move, it will malfunction pretty much 100%of the time as would most any other semi-auto pistol.
I usually don't have any trouble explaining it to someone that doesn't have such a hard time comprehending the explanation. If it never does it for you, that's great. Consider yourself blessed. You are truly an icon in the handgun world. I wish all of us could be so fortunate.

I've tried, you no savvy.

I give up.
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"You can hold it as loose as you want and it may still have a solid enough platform to function properly against."

I take that to mean that you, too, have some difficulty reproducing malfunctions through limpwristing. But I do not take it as a lucid explanation of how to limpwrist a pistol into malfunction.

"If the entire lower receiver is allowed to move rearward freely AS the upper is also trying to move, it will malfunction."

I guess that is a good statement of the theoretical basis of limpwrist malfunctions, and I understand the basic idea. I really don't know how testable it is, or how true it could be determined to be, though, because there is no statement about HOW freely the receiver is allowed to move. Even the strongest, firmest human grasp will have some elasticity and will allow the pistol some movement, and even the weakest, limpest human grasp will provide some resistance, if only through inertia. There is also no mention of very relevant pistol conditions, such as slide and barrel mass vs. frame mass, recoil spring strength, bullet weight and velocity, etc.

"If you suspend your Glock by strings tied so that the slide can freely move, it will malfunction pretty much 100%of the time as would most any other semi-auto pistol."

I suspect that you meant that the frame be allowed to freely move, because the slide normally moves freely, and if the slide cannot move then the pistol will most certainly fail to extract, eject, feed, and cock, and limpwristing appears to be more of a frame movement issue, anyway. This is an interesting hypothesis, and may well be true, at least part of the time. It does not appear to be difficult to test and I may want to try it some day, just out of curiousity. However, I have not heard of anybody complaining much about their Glock malfunctioning while suspended from strings. Accordingly, I will consider the string experiment to be of academic interest only and "outside the universe of discourse". I am much more interested in how often, and under what conditions, limpwrist malfunctions can be made to occur with normal pistols in normal human hands in the real world.

I'm sorry I have had such a hard time comprehending the explanation. I can be pretty dense sometimes, but I do try. However, I think in this case that my lack of comprehension may be due more to the elusiveness of the phenomenon rather than the thickness of my skull. I rather enjoy being considered an icon, though.

Thanks for the complement, and may God bless.
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recoil spring

Did you happen to install a 22# to 24# recoil spring for double tap loads and then leave it in for the standard lower pressure factory loads?

I shoot 9X25 with a 24# spring: Mike McNett recommended and sold...the other day I forgot to change out and the same thing happened...the too strong a spring is too fast on the return.
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Well Anthony, I've left this alone long enough to see if anyone would give you some specific possibilities other than the "limp wrist" possibility. And, that is a problem with ANY semi-automatic recoil operated weapon. may have a broken ejector. Glocks have been known to have a "partial break" of the ejector and still function. If you are not completely familiar with the weapon, how it should look, then run it by a certified Glock armorer and let them look at it. I've seen a couple of Glock 21s that had a broken ejector and both still functioned quite well, but with the occassional "stove pipe" due to the lack of force on the ejector. Best I could figure, partial loss of length in the ejector failed to start the empty casing moving toward the ejection port in enough time to clear it as the slide started forward again. Hope this helps if you haven't found the "cure" yet.
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Old Post, Nothing new about the malady.

Couldn't read this and not say anything. Some years back, a female Police Officer found me and asked me to provide my "professional" services to her regarding having been fired for failure to qualify with he duty gun. Although her story contains many factors, the one that pertains to the object of this thread, "limp-wristing", was diagnosed, solved through proper training and ultimately, she won her job back through my testimony.

In her case and the majority of these that I have delt with, have been traced to two problems; not holding the pistol in a proper, firm gunfight ready grip and placing the hand to low on the grip frame. The type of ammo also greatly contributes to this phenomenon as "barrel time" ( time it takes the bullet to travel down and exit the muzzle ) contributes to inertia applied to the slide which, if too fast, leads to stove-pipes, FTFs and frustration.

The gentlemen who does not believe, understand or otherwise grasp the concept, has merely to spend time in the Weapons Instructor position where everyone EXPECTS a WISE and CONSIDERATE diagnosis and most certainly deserves one. We have the good fortune of seeing about every conceivable malfunction and a few crop up now and then that test one's talents. Limp-Wristing diagnostics are not one of them.

There, now I feel better
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I'm with Trapper and Cope... Limpwristing is the most commonly encountered and corrected issue I see when dealing with polymer framed guns. I worked with an entire local department who had received an excellent deal on H&K compacts... fine guns in their own right.

More than half the officers experienced fte's through the standard q-course. The problem was especially prevalent when shooters had to engage targets from one-handed shooting positions. I had no such problems, and I tried repeatedly to "limpwrist" the demo guns to show how the stoppage was occurring. I couldn't make it happen.

That whole department traded in their H&K's for Sigs. They don't ask me to train with them anymore. They still have major problems with fte's... and I still can't make Glocks have stoppages. Ho Hum....

Anthony... try some rapid fire strings, shooting with one hand. Then try the same rapid fire strings firing with your support hand only. Finally, try some rapid fire shots holding the weapon with one hand at your hip level.... Fairbairn and Sykes called this the 1/4 hip position... If you experience a higher rate of similar Fte's, that's a pretty fair sign that "limpwristing" is an issue.

The best cure is to have an experienced firearms instructor do some shooting with you , and help you with your grip and shooting stance. If that's not an option, make every effort to NEVER LET YOUR WRIST SAG OR RELAX WHEN SHOOTING YOUR PISTOL. We like to call this a "Locked Wrist" It really does work.

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Let's take a look at that slide release.

Is it heavier in actual weight than the original? As the mag empties, the mag spring has weaker rebound. Sometimes it may work, sometimes it doesn't. Mags wear with time.

If you have the original slide release, try it.

The reason I do not believe it is a limp-wrist is because it happens when the mag is empty or almost empty. Why doesn't it happen sooner?
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Hey gang, Anthony posted this question in.....2006.
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Doggone..... hope he's still out there reading this....
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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
....... Using full capacity, factory 15-shot magazines I am having the last round and occassionally the next to last casing of the magazine either get caught on the extractor and not eject or (more commonly) wedge itself perfectly in the center part of the top of the ejection port with half of the casing in the gun and half of it out. .......
Wow, a question from all the way back in 2006! Still it's relevant, though. OK, a, 'Type 2 Malfunction'. There are three probable causes: (1) The slide is short stroking, (2) the magazine spring is weak, or (3) you are limp-wristing.

Here's a couple of examples of just how easy it is to, 'limpwrist' any pistol with a loose modified-Browning lockup like a Glock:

My best bet? Because it always happening with the last couple of rounds, I'm going to go with a weak magazine spring.

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