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Great videos, I know old stuff, but still interesting to see, especially to a new G17 owner like me. I never been accused of having limp wrists or being limp wristed though, not yet.

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thales, you remind me of a customer of mine. I suggested he was limpwristing, and he got all bent out of shape that I was calling him a sissy. He then went to the range and made a couple videos to prove to me that he was not ghey. I have no idea where that all came from, but it had nothing to do with what I was trying to convey.

Holding the gun as you described, with your arm as vertical as possible, does NOT necessarily mean you were limp wristing it when you did that. Limp hand-wristing it may be a more accurate description. Maybe not. This is only the 2nd customer of mine to have a never-ending nightmare of ownership with GLOCKs. Even the next one had an easy time before we modded the gun.

Another customer that had me build him a GLOCK22 that he thought recoiled far too hard for him to be able to keep it. Keep in mind this guy was probably 6-4 and 250lbs, fairly in shape and young enough that I'd NEVER expect this complaint. I put a recoil reducer in the gun and numerous other mods at his request. I shot it with Hornady TAP(His carry load) and told him I'd never seen factory ammo shoot that well in my life. It was true, too. I even gave him the target. His next trip to the range, he had malfunction after malfunction after malfunction. Every other guy(Or gal for that matter-including his girlfriend and my wife) that shot it said the same as I did. It was a soft shooter with even the hot stuff, accurate and generally a pleasure to shoot. NO OTHER ISSUES. Still, he could not get it to run. He shot weaver stance and would not even hear isosceles spoken in his presence. His Dad had been a cop, and this is how it was done. Period. He never got a magazine out of that gun without a malfunction after I "Tricked it out", and sold it a month or so after and took a beating on it after all the mods and diag time spent on the gun. He was the only one having problems with it, but swore it was the gun.

Believe me, people are not making the limp wristing thing up. I understand your rtain of thought as to it manifesting another issue that is mechanically fouled up. I just have not seen that to be the case. Granted, there is plenty I haven't seen, but limp wristing is not on that list.

Whew, that was a lot of yapping for an old thread. I still go to the normal diag for a pistol, though. Ammo and magazines(Even on GLOCKs) are the first suspects. Even before limpwristing. Especially if no other semi's malfunction for you like that. If that gun works for every one but you, you are prolly the issue. Check mags and grip. Not just grip, your entire shooting stance, position, and fundamentals.

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I suppose it "could be" from limp wristing, or as has been said - any individual or combination of things. I see many Glock malfunctions from folks shooting weak hand only around a barricade, for instance. The grip is just different. The simplest way to explain it is that their must be sufficient resistance in the frame when held for the slide to fully reciprocate. Does that make sense, or am I just re-hashing what others have so eloquently stated? If so, I apologize in advance.

FWIW, I change my mag springs annually as a course of regular maintenance.

The new slide stop tab - the part that engages with the follower of the magazine - could that be bent just slightly or could it be dragging on the occasional round? I have seen that on some aftermarket parts in the past.

If you feel confident that the frame has sfficient resistance when shot, the let's maybe start narrowing it down from a mechanical perspective:

Do a really good examination of the parts and see if the extractor is chipped or if the ejector is funky. Ruling out those, with the slide off the gun, put in the mags and look at the engagement of the slide stop tab to the follower, with a full mag, and then with fewer bullets, and then with empty ones. Does the slide stay out of the way and eventually raise on the empty mag ok? Do the same with the stock slide stop and compare your findings.

If you put the stock slide stop back in the gun, does it still produce the malfunctions?

If not, then...

As has been stated: "Another option would be the wrong spring-loaded bearing in it. If it has an LCI type extractor, it takes a different spring-loaded bearing than a regular extractor and this WILL cause an occassional FTE." It could simply be that the extractor spring is tired or the bearing is a little worn. A few years back at the Carolina Cup I had a friend whose 34 started failing in the middle of the stage. Changed out the extractor spring and bearing on a tailgate and it ran 100% for the rest of the 2 days of shooting. That is a cheap and fast fix, which might be the next step in the diagnosis.

Next I would swap out the mag springs with new ones.

Then check the recoil spring - they tend to last an awful long time, but that's also a cheap fix and it can't hurt.

At the bottom of this short list I initially think could be either the ammo ammo or how the barrel locks up and unlocks in the slide in and out of battery.

Try those and see if it continues and let us know what happens.

Good luck!

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