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Old 06-09-2007, 09:52 PM   #21
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You sound like a guy that likes to argue, bountyhunter. I'm not. You have proven an old saying. "Arguing on the internet is running in the special olympics. Even if you win, you're still a retard."

It's your story, you can tell it any way you want to. I'm done.
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Old 06-10-2007, 12:11 PM   #22
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If you fire a Glock, the slide cycles before you can release the trigger. As the slide comes out of battery, the trigger bar is released upward and the striker tab catches coming forward into battery. hence, the gun is "cocked" when it comes forward (trigger back) and the "cocked" striker spring force is what pushes the trigger forward if you release it.

If your finger stays at the rear.... and the striker tab engagement is iffy... the striker can release when the slide jars the frame coming into battery. A Glock can double fire or go uncontrolled fire since the firing pin safety does not "reset" when the slide cycles. The Glock's firing pin "safety" lifting mechanism is a bump on the trigger bar. That FP safety is disabled anytime the trigger is pulled (rearward), trigger bar is in the up position (which occurs
as the silde cycles rearward) and the slide has returned to battery. [/quote

I'm not sure I understand where this comes from. When a Glock is fired, the trigger pulled, it DISENGAGES the safeties (both internal and external). The internal firing pin/drop safety is DEPRESSED by the above described "tab" on the trigger bar which allows the striker to move forward and strike the primer. ONCE the weapon is fired, as the striker is being "reset", the trigger bar is NOT far enough in contact with the internal safety to allow a premature strike by the striker. As the slide begins to move back forward, slightly putting pressure on the striker, as the striker begins to move rearward toward the "cocked" position, THE STRIKER moves and lets the internal safety reset. Not the trigger. The trigger is out of play at that point. If you have a weapon that is doing that (and it is a factory weapon, not altered in any way) it needs to be inspected by a certified Glock Armorer. However, if the weapon has been altered or aftermarket parts installed, there could be several causes for this malfunction. I've seen several of those that I've been told are "full auto" drop-in parts. I don't use them myself for just such reasons. As I'm typing this, I have my old trusty G-17 apart in front of me trying my best to figure out just how one could make the trigger, internal drop/striker safety, and the striker of a FACTORY weapon malfunction. Quite easy with aftermarket parts, but the factory originals seem to work fine.
Old 06-10-2007, 01:42 PM   #23
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One of the P WUSSIES is shootin' an XD in every match.(PRODUCTION??). Trigger pull is light,around 2 pounds, shoots every round, NO ADs. I've pulled the trigger on this one, it's very good. Maybe the HEAD GLUNKSTER can elaborate on this, He knows the shooter and the pistol better than I do.

Bountyhunter,You may be laborin'......That's neither here nor there......The XD trigger pull can be lighter than 2.5 and be safe. Big question is safe for who. Some shooters arn't safe with a five or eight pound pull.

Bill Caldwell
Old 06-10-2007, 05:42 PM   #24
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Well Bill, made me go look! The trigger job was done by Springer Precision, Scott Springer of Bend, OR. When LJ brought it to me, I immediately told him that he would have to do a LOT of practicing with it not to have an AD! That is one SWEET trigger on an XD! I'd put it right at 2 lbs. Crisp, overtravel..............and RELIABLE! Hasn't given him any problems to date. That's with .................4 matches and I don't know how much practice behind it right now. It is better than the triggers in any of my Glocks. Right now, I don't want mine that light. But he seems to be doing fine with it.................for now!
Old 06-10-2007, 06:21 PM   #25
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And I'll keep doin fine with it thank you very much

and just a side note... I've got running close to 8000 rounds through my xd with ZERO malfunctions to date. Plus ZERO malfunctions since the custom work from Springer precision.

For me the whole GLOCK VS XD thing is all preference... as for the people saying the Grip safety is devoid of purpose as long as your following all the safety rules... of course... ANY safety device is devoid of purpose if EVERY SAFETY RULE is obeyed perfectly... theres always a "just in case" to stuff like this... for me I wouldn't mind owning a glock, for obvious reasons, I just felt a little better haveing the grip safety since I've only got about 1 SOLID year of HANDGUN handleing... But I'd say I'm biased toward XD about 60/40 to the glock just because I own one...
Old 06-11-2007, 04:59 PM   #26
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Without getting into the whole "which is better" debate please allow me to offer some insight into the trigger pull question........

A little background first, I guess. I have been building Glock's since the early 90's and XD's since Springfield started importing them. I am also the guy that manufacturers most of the aftermarket parts for the XD's including the sear's, springs, guide rods, mag buttons, and trigger bars used by shops like Springer Precision.

The Glock trigger can be made fairly light but is usually pretty mushy. Or it can be made short and crisp, but then it isn't as light. They also have a problem with doubling when you cut the engagement surfaces down to shorten and lighten the trigger pull. And as you shorten the trigger pull you start to deactivate the various safety devices.

The XD can be set up fairly easily at 2-2.5 lbs (sometimes a little less depending on how you measure it) with little or no take up travel or over travel. And you can leave the safeties functional. Since reset in the XD design is largely a function of overtravel ( the disconnector feature in a XD is controlled by the slide pushing the trigger bar down causing it to disconnect from the sear by way of the firing pin block lever. As the slide returns to battery the sear resets on the striker but you have to release the trigger allowing the trigger bar to move forward so that it can snap upward and reengage the sear) you can also reduce the reset by about 95% making it much, much lighter and shorter then the Glock.

Whichever pistol you prefer is fine, but the XD trigger system is vastly better then the Glock system. It is much more stable, and allows for much greater tuning.
Old 06-14-2007, 09:17 PM   #27
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Gotta agree with you Bob. Everybody knows I'm a GLUNKSTER MAN.........and probably will always be. But I've shot the XD. Stock and tricked. It has a better trigger both out of the box and after being "tickled" a bit. Looking at the way it was designed, seemed that it could really take a good trigger job. S&W's new one isn't far behind. So.....I'm kinda like Sloopy. It's all personal preference. I just know Glocks and will stick with them!
Old 06-16-2007, 10:03 AM   #28
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Carry one of my custom 1911s on duty.

Carry a G17 off duty,concealed.

Compete with a SA XD9Tactical.

I like my guns like I like my women, "varied and dependable for the task at hand"
Old 08-03-2010, 12:09 PM   #29
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Own both, like both. XD trigger is a little lighter because its SAO. Fine pistols, so close in quality as to make an either/or choice pointless. Get them both.
Old 09-30-2010, 10:58 AM   #30
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I own 2 Glocks and the .40 xdm and .45 xd and like them both. As mudge said not much differnece in quality. Thye are both good guns and accurate outta the box.


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