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"Loaded chamber indicator. Glock has this as well. Wake up."
I've actually heard complaints that this is harder to feel than the XD is in the dark.

"Cocked indicator. Glock has this as well. If the trigger is forward on a Glock, it's cocked." Pretty worthless in the dark. Not exactly safe to be feeling the trigger in the dark.

Ambidextrous mag release. This is standard on XDs. Some people like to have both sides active at the same time. (you can use the thumb or trigger finger to release the mag) Even more important: If you strong side is injured in a gun fight, you still have a mag release on both sides.

The XD finish is just as nice as a Glock. I also like the look/design of the XD better.

Nice trigger pull comes standard on XDs. Glock can be brought up to the XD level with more money in aftermarket products.

Most people seem to like the XD grip better. Glock has worked on this. If it wasn't a major issue, then they wouldn't have started to work on the big problem with their grip. They claimed "perfection" from the start, but obviously they weren't perfect.

The Glock was the coolest thing going until the XD came along. If they had both been promoted side by side from day one, its very likely that the XD would be the winner in the popularity contest. Its just so happens that the Glock came along at the right time and was promoted well in the right places.
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XD and Glock

I own both Glocks and Springfield XD's. I work in Law Enforcement so I shoot a lot of rounds out of both. Currently I own a midsized Glock in a .40, a Subcompact XD in a .40 a XDs in a 9mm and I pack a .45 Glock on duty. In my opinion they are both very good and reliable combat/tactical platforms. I do a lot of pistol shooting and I have other pistols that are by far more superior as far as accuracy, but when it comes to dragging them through the mud and the crud and expecting them to keep functioning, I would take either a Glock or an XD. I have seen Glocks fails. Usually due to wear and tear especially in the .40's or ammo issues. I have yet to have a XD fail. I personally prefer the feel and trigger pull and reset of the XD. I also seen to shoot a slightly tighter group with the XD's. When qualifying on my Glock, I consistently shoot in the 99.5 to 100%. So I'm good with both and when it comes to choosing a Glock vs. XD, it just comes down to personal choice. Right now, I would say value wise, they are about on the same page. I would place them both equally at $400 to $450. So like on my last purchase of the XDs over the Glock 43, the biggest factor in choosing the XDs was that it was $80 cheaper.
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Welcome to Pistolsmith and thanks for the report.

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