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"ghost" trigger enhancement

Ghost Inc has the 3.5# Rocket and 3.5# Ultimate trigger connectors. The difference is the Ultimate is a drop-in while the Rocket requires fitting. The Rocket is said to allow the finest possible trigger job that includes reducing the length of the trigger pull, the weight of the trigger pull, and the over-travel.
Has anyone tried both of these two modifications? The fitting of the Rocket seems to require a lot of assembling and dis-assembling of the entire firing mechanism in order to fine tune it to your liking. I am wondering if the drop-in kit in good enough.
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Old 11-15-2007, 03:11 PM   #2
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Well, I have to answer my own question. I have just installed the Ghost Rocket 3.5 lb trigger connector with some reduced power spring. The result is more than wow. Teh trigger pull is smooth and light. It feels better than some of my 1911's.
Old 01-05-2008, 05:52 PM   #3
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Had that done to a 19 by Miami Glock..................................night and day difference
Old 10-12-2011, 11:18 PM   #4
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Ghost products...

I have installed Ghost Rockets in both of my Glocks, ( 27 and 32 ), and there isn't a better trigger as far as I am concerned. The Rocket is worth the small effort needed to set it up right.
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Well, it's been a minute since this thread was fresh. Sorry for my late addition.

I have done quite a few different set-ups for my 19c and my 26. Everything from polishing the factory connector and friction points, to changing just the safety plunger, and back and forth between different combos to try and get the right feel for me.

I currently run the Ghost 3.5 Rocket(Which really isn't that hard to tune right, with a file and stone for the tab). I run factory spring weights(Except for the trigger spring, which I run a 6lb), a lightened striker, and everything else is factory from GLOCK. Oh, the other exception is magazine releases. I was using the GLOCK factory one, but had to shave it down a tad and re-texture it. In the end, the Vicker's piece seems to be right straight off the shelf. Not to be lazy, but it makes things a tad easier, which is a big reason I mess with G-guns in the 1st place.
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Better late than never; I guess.

Installing the 3.5 rocket is actually very easy. Although it does require some fitting, it is well worth the effort; especially on the trigger reset.

Ghost has pretty detailed instructions right on their web-site. I have done well over a hundred of these and this is what I have garnered through experience.

You can pretty much judge the amount that needs to be cut from the new connector just by holding it up to the ejector housing. I find it works best to install the trigger housing and spring w/o the connector. I usually install the connector on the outside and check length. . That gives me a good idea of where the trigger draw bar will fall within the drop safety. It has to properly fall into the drop safety slot or the trigger will not release.

Use a thin sharpie to mark it. Remember you can always cut more off, but you can't put it back on. Go slow till you get the hang of it.

Installing the (optional) slide orange armorer plate is a big help. If you don't have one, but do have an extra slide cover, you can always cut it down about a 1/4" that's what I use since I seem to always loose those plates.

Be sure to polish where you have cut too, or the trigger may feel gritty. It does not need to be mirror smooth, just smooth.

I hope this helps someone.
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Ditto to Copabeat... Multiple Gs in .40 and all have Ghost Rocket. Excellent and inexpensive way to make the Glock trigger "so" much better. The red armorer plate is a cheap buy and really aids the install... trim slowly, try it, trim perhaps more... but not fast!
GREAT product...

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