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Wolf 180gr steel case ammo

I am trying to find inexpensive ammo to practise and have fun. So I did some Internet search and was shocked to find out how expensive most factory ammos are except Wolf brand.
I read some reviews. Some said the Wolf ammo ran flawlessly in their Glock but other said Wolf steel case ammo is not good for Glock since the Glock chamber is not fully supported and they had FTE and split cases.
My work schedule is crazy I hardly have time to shoot not to mention reload my own ammo. So I am searching for inexpensive factory ammo.
Any suggestions?
Thank you
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Old 11-02-2007, 12:37 PM   #2
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This post will undoubtedly generate some discussion, but this is what I remember when shooting Wolf ammo through Glocks:

Unreliable ignition and at least one chipped extractor.

I have not seen any issues with the widely touted "unsupported chamber" and Wolf ammo. (Acting as a safety officer for some folks using what we found out later to be improperly reloaded .40 S&W and .357 Sig ammo in Glocks has, however, produced some invigorating results to the shooters on at least two occasions.)

The Wolf ammo in the Glock was good for practicing malfunction drills, however.

The price has gone up in the past year, but there still may be some good deals left on Winchester "white box" 100 rd. packs at Wally World, as well as some internet sources for other acceptable, affordable practice ammo. (I reload my own, which has paid for my press many times over.)

Some folks may have experiences that are quite the opposite from mine, so make the best decision you can with the informaton at hand.

Good luck -
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Normally I don't shoot Wolf, I reload my ammo. However, I bought a box at a gun-show and it sat in my cabinet for a very long time. I decided to burn it up and shot it through my 9mm Kimber Target II. I could not believe the groups. Therefore, I was not surprised when I went to a long range pistol match (they shoot little rams, pigs, and chickens out to 100 yards) and saw some of the competitors using Wolf ammo.

A friend that shoots with us uses a Glock .45 and shoot nothing but Wolf. He hasn't had any problems. If I were you, I would buy a couple of boxes and try it. If it works, buy a bunch of it and if it dosen't, like Chris said...it will help you on your drills.

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Reloaded ammo? I thought that the one think you weren't supposed to put in your glock was reloaded ammo? Is that so some people don't do it wrong or is any and all reloaded ammo dangerous to shoot through a glock. I have a 27 and have not had a problem to date with wolf ammo. I would like to reload, but have always been under the impression that you had to buy an aftermarket barrel in order to make it safe? Any advice?
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Wolf ammo is significantly cheaper than other ammo. It is steel cased but it is soft steel, not hardened. Even if you do break your extractor, it costs about $20 to replace. You do the math. Seems like it pays to shoot Wolf.

The unsupported chamber/Wolf issue is wildly overblown.
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Re: Wolf 180gr steel case ammo

Someone once told me that no semi auto hand gun has a fully supported chamber, is that true? If so, Wolf would work as well in a Glock as in any other pistol.
Old 11-05-2008, 08:45 AM   #7
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Re: Wolf 180gr steel case ammo

Grock specifically mentions reloaded ammo to reduce their liability if a gun fails. Most gun makers do the same thing. Too much chance of a careless reloader making something unsafe.

Do not shoot unjacketed, plain lead bullet through a factory Grock barrel. The polygon rifling can and will lead up badly and cause pressures to skyrocket. Get an aftermarket barrel for lead bullets. You will likely find it more accurate to boot.

"No pistol has a completely supported barrel" I guess there would be an argument that this statement is true. There must be some degree of ramp on a self loading pistol design so you can have reliable feeding. "Fully supported" generally means everything forward of the extractor groove.
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I have shot several thousand rounds of Wolf in .40 and .45 with no concerns.However,I recently found that the new Wolf WPA is total crap.They have done away with the coating that they used to cover the cases with,and now they are extremely hard to load into the magazine and do not function well.If you can find the old black-box ammo or the "Military Classic" it should be ok,but I would recommend staying away from the WPA (Wolf Performance Ammunition) variety.I WILL NOT buy that again.
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if wolf was a better deal ,just buy an extractor for a spare , and go shoot it .that seems to be only problem about it chipping . they are cheap enough to carry an extra at the bench , i have at least 3 ,so i wont be down if it breaks . i shoot whatever i can save on .my glocks never have jammed, i had an AR-15 rip the head off silver bear and jam it up .i could not recommend it or brown bear . that said i reload so i never shot wolf , only brass cases that are re-loadable after that AR 15 miss hap. good luck on cheaper ammo search .

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I haven't used Wolf ammo in years, but I buy up all the Tulammo steel case in .40S&W & .45ACP that I can lay my hands on. I like the accuracy I get with my Gen4 G-21 & G-22 shooting it. It's dirty, but you can't beat the price! I'd rather shoot Fed American Eagles, but they are asking close to $30 a box for .45ACP at an LGS here, the Tulammo is almost half that much, and my G-21 shoots it really well.

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